Travel Reimbursements

Participants will be reimbursed up to their offer amount for transportation expenses only. 

 This includes:

  • airfare
  • airport shuttle
  • airport parking
  • mileage to and from airport

See Reimbursements for all forms and general reimbursement instructions.

For University Business Purpose, please use the following description. Edit accordingly. 

Travel to attend the 2017 [conference name] Sept 18-22, Livermore Open Valley Campus, Livermore, CA. Participated in ObsPy, SW4 & SPECEM training; presented [poster/talk], [title]. 

Travel Support Limits.  Do not claim more than you were offered for travel support. If your travel exceeds amount, offered, clearly mark on the form TOTAL CLAIMED: $XXX.

All travel support claims must be submitted by  October 23, 2017.

REMEMBER to include your offer letter with your receipts.  Do not forget to SIGN your travel report. No photographs of travel reports are accepted.

Please save all your receipts as you travel, and plan to complete the expense report as soon as possible after the workshop. Receipts for all credit card purchase must show proof of charge e.g. last 4 digits of credit card.


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