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SPECFEM1D simulates seismic wave propagation in a one-dimensional heterogeneous medium. It is a small code that allows users to learn how a spectral-element program is written.

Current Release

Source Packages

Current Stable Release

To obtain the latest stable release of the code, use the following git command:
git clone --recursive

User Resources

Community Wiki

Visit the SPECFEM1D Wiki page for additional support with building, using, or modifying SPECFEM1D.

SPECFEM1D Publications List

User-submitted research publications using SPECFEM1D.

Mailing List

Browse the CIG Seismology Mailing List Archive to find known issues or to troubleshoot common problems, or E-mail the CIG Seismology Mailing List with details of your problem or suggestion.

Developer Resources

Development Version

If you are interested in getting the development version of this code from the CIG repository, use the following git command:

git clone --recursive

You can also browse the history of modifications in the Git repository.

Issue/Bug Tracker on Github

Browse and/or submit new issues at our Github Issues Tracker.

Doxygen Documentation

Auto-generated Doxygen documentation is available for the Development and Release codebases.

Jenkins Testing

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Shows location of all users who downloaded SPECFEM1D in the past year (image updated daily.)

map showing location of all users who downloaded SPECFEM1D in the last year (image updated daily)

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