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ggrd_master Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int mat_control
int mat_control_init
int ray_control
int ray_control_init
int vtop_control
int vtop_control_init
int age_control
int age_control_init
char mat_file [GGRD_CHAR_LENGTH]
char ray_file [GGRD_CHAR_LENGTH]
char vtop_dir [GGRD_CHAR_LENGTH]
char age_dir [GGRD_CHAR_LENGTH]
struct ggrd_gtmat
struct ggrd_gtray
struct ggrd_gtsvp
struct ggrd_gtsvt
struct ggrd_gtages
int nage
int amode
GGRD_CPREC * age_time
float age_bandlim
unsigned short sf_init
GGRD_CPREC sf_old_age
GGRD_CPREC sf_old_f1
GGRD_CPREC sf_old_f2
int sf_old_left
int sf_old_right
int sf_ntlim
struct ggrd_vel v
struct ggrd_t time_hist
struct ggrd_temp_init temp
int use_temp
struct ggrd_temp_init comp
int use_comp

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