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hc_parameters Struct Reference

Public Attributes

hc_boolean compressible
hc_boolean free_slip
hc_boolean no_slip
hc_boolean platebc
HC_PREC dens_anom_scale
hc_boolean scale_dens_anom_with_prem
hc_boolean verbose
hc_boolean sol_binary_out
hc_boolean print_spatial
hc_boolean compute_geoid
hc_boolean print_density_field
int solution_mode
int pvel_mode
HC_PREC pvel_time
int solver_kludge_l
hc_boolean solver_mode
hc_boolean visc_init_mode
HC_PREC vscan_dv
int vscan_n
hc_boolean read_short_dens_sh
hc_boolean read_short_pvel_sh
int dd_dens_scale
HC_PREC * rdf
HC_PREC * sdf
int ndf
struct sh_lmsref_geoid
struct sh_lmsref_dtopo
hc_boolean print_pt_sol
hc_boolean print_kernel_only
char visc_filename [HC_CHAR_LENGTH]
char pvel_filename [HC_CHAR_LENGTH]
char dens_filename [HC_CHAR_LENGTH]
char prem_model_filename [HC_CHAR_LENGTH]
char dens_scaling_filename [HC_CHAR_LENGTH]
char ref_geoid_file [HC_CHAR_LENGTH]
char ref_dtopo_file [HC_CHAR_LENGTH]

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