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GridPointSource Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GridPointSource (double frequency, double t0, int i0, int j0, int k0, int g, double Fx, double Fy, double Fz, timeDep tDep, int ncyc, double *pars, int npar, int *ipars, int nipar, double *jacobian=NULL, double *dddp=NULL, double *hess1=NULL, double *hess2=NULL, double *hess3=NULL)
void getFxyz (double t, double *fxyz) const
void getFxyztt (double t, double *fxyz) const
void getFxyz_notime (double *fxyz) const
double getTimeFunc (double t) const
double evalTimeFunc_t (double t) const
double evalTimeFunc_tt (double t) const
double evalTimeFunc_ttt (double t) const
double evalTimeFunc_tttt (double t) const
void limitFrequency (double max_freq)
void add_to_gradient (std::vector< Sarray > &kappa, std::vector< Sarray > &eta, double t, double dt, double gradient[11], std::vector< double > &h, Sarray &Jac, bool topography_exists)
void add_to_hessian (std::vector< Sarray > &kappa, std::vector< Sarray > &eta, double t, double dt, double hessian[121], std::vector< double > &h)
void set_derivative (int der, const double dir[11])
void set_noderivative ()
void print_info () const

Public Attributes

int m_i0
int m_j0
int m_k0
int m_grid
double mFreq
double mT0


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &output, const GridPointSource &s)

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