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MaterialIfile Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MaterialIfile:

Public Member Functions

 MaterialIfile (EW *a_ew, std::string fileName, bool CartesianFormat)
void set_material_properties (std::vector< Sarray > &rho, std::vector< Sarray > &cs, std::vector< Sarray > &cp, std::vector< Sarray > &xis, std::vector< Sarray > &xip)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MaterialData
bool coversAllPoints ()

Protected Member Functions

void extractSurfaceFromGridFile (std::string a_surfaceFileName)
void extractSurfaceFromCartesianFile (std::string a_surfaceFileName)
int getMaterialID (double lat, double lon, double depth)
int getCartesianMaterialID (double xP, double yP, double depth)
bool inside_material_surfaces (double lat, double lon)
bool inside_cartesian_material_surfaces (double xP, double yP)
double lookup_Rho (MaterialProperty *prop, double depth)
double lookup_Vs (MaterialProperty *prop, double depth)
double lookup_Vp (MaterialProperty *prop, double depth)
double lookup_Qs (MaterialProperty *prop, double depth)
double lookup_Qp (MaterialProperty *prop, double depth)

Protected Attributes

bool m_mat_Cartesian
int m_number_material_surfaces
Sarray m_materialDepth
double m_Nlon
double m_Nlat
double m_materialLonMax
double m_materialLonMin
double m_materialLatMax
double m_materialLatMin
double * m_materialLon
double * m_materialLat
int m_mat_Nx
int m_mat_Ny
double m_mat_Xmax
double m_mat_Xmin
double m_mat_Ymax
double m_mat_Ymin
double * m_mat_Xvec
double * m_mat_Yvec
- Protected Attributes inherited from MaterialData
bool mCoversAllPoints

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