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MaterialPfile Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MaterialPfile:

Public Member Functions

 MaterialPfile (EW *a_ew, const std::string file, const std::string directory, const int nstenc, const double vpminppm, const double vsminppm, const double rhominppm, const bool flatten, const bool coords_geographic)
void set_material_properties (std::vector< Sarray > &rho, std::vector< Sarray > &cs, std::vector< Sarray > &cp, std::vector< Sarray > &xis, std::vector< Sarray > &xip)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MaterialData
bool coversAllPoints ()

Protected Member Functions

bool inside (double lat, double lon, double depth)
bool inside_cart (double x, double y, double depth)
void read_pfile ()
void sample_cart (double xs, double ys, double zs, double &vp, double &vs, double &rho, double &qp, double &qs, bool debug)
void sample_latlon (double lats, double lons, double zs, double &vp, double &vs, double &rho, double &qp, double &qs, bool debug)

Protected Attributes

int m_nlat
int m_nlon
int m_nmaxdepth
int m_nx
int m_ny
int m_nstenc
double m_h
double m_dlon
double m_dlat
int m_ksed
int m_kmoho
int m_k410
int m_k660
double * m_lon
double * m_lat
double * m_x
double * m_y
Sarray mZ
Sarray mVp
Sarray mVs
Sarray mRho
Sarray mQp
Sarray mQs
double m_vpmin
double m_vsmin
double m_rhomin
string m_model_file
string m_model_dir
string m_model_name
bool m_qf
double m_latmin
double m_latmax
double m_lonmin
double m_lonmax
double m_depthmin
double m_depthmax
double m_xmin
double m_xmax
double m_ymin
double m_ymax
bool m_coords_geographic
- Protected Attributes inherited from MaterialData
bool mCoversAllPoints

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