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TimeSeries Class Reference

Public Types

enum  receiverMode {
  Displacement, Div, Curl, Strains,
  Velocity, DisplacementGradient

Public Member Functions

 TimeSeries (EW *a_ew, std::string fileName, std::string staName, receiverMode mode, bool sacFormat, bool usgsFormat, double x, double y, double z, bool topoDepth, int writeEvery, bool xyzcomponent=true)
void allocateRecordingArrays (int numberOfTimeSteps, double startTime, double timeStep)
void recordData (vector< double > &u)
void writeFile (string suffix="")
void readFile (EW *ew, bool ignore_utc)
double ** getRecordingArray ()
int getNsteps () const
bool myPoint ()
receiverMode getMode ()
double getX () const
double getY () const
double getZ () const
double arrival_time (double lod)
TimeSeriescopy (EW *a_ew, string filename, bool addname=false)
double misfit (TimeSeries &observed, TimeSeries *diff, double &dshift, double &ddshift, double &dd1shift)
double misfit2 (TimeSeries &observed)
void interpolate (TimeSeries &intpfrom)
void use_as_forcing (int n, std::vector< Sarray > &f, std::vector< double > &h, double dt, Sarray &Jac, bool topography_exists)
double product (TimeSeries &ts) const
double product_wgh (TimeSeries &ts) const
void set_utc_to_simulation_utc ()
void filter_data (Filter *filter_ptr)
void print_timeinfo () const
void set_window (double winl, double winr)
void exclude_component (bool usex, bool usey, bool usez)
void readSACfiles (EW *ew, const char *sac1, const char *sac2, const char *sac3, bool ignore_utc)
void set_shift (double shift)
double get_shift () const
void add_shift (double shift)
std::string getStationName ()
void set_scalefactor (double value)
bool get_compute_scalefactor () const
double get_scalefactor () const

Public Attributes

int m_i0
int m_j0
int m_k0
int m_grid0

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