Calypso  Version 1.2.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
 Nm_bc_data_listBoundary condition lists for MHD dynamo model
 Nm_control_data_4_psfControl ID data for surfacing module
 Nm_psf_case_tableList of local patch case table
 Nm_sph_boundary_input_dataBoundary condition data from external file
 Nm_surf_data_listFlux boundary condition lists for MHD dynamo model
 Nparallel_assemble_sphConstruct spectrum data for new spectrum domain
 Nr_interpolate_marged_sphRadial interpolation for assemble program
 Nt_belonged_element_4_nodeBelonged element list for each node
 Nt_boundary_params_sph_mhdStructure for basic boundary conditions for spherical dynamo
 Nt_comm_tableStructure for communication table
 Nt_control_elementsStructure for reading control items
 Nt_edge_dataStructure of edge geometry data
 Nt_fftpack5_wrapperFourier transform using FFTPACK5
 Nt_fftw_wrapperFourier transform using FFTW Ver.3
 Nt_field_data_ioStructure for field data IO
 Nt_geometry_dataStructure of geometry data for FEM mesh including node and element position, connectivities
 Nt_group_connectsStructure of connectivity data for group items
 Nt_group_dataStructure of group data
 Nt_mesh_dataStructure for mesh data
 Nt_multi_fftw_wrapperFourier transform using FFTW Ver.3
 Nt_near_mesh_id_4_nodeStructure of surrounded node, element, surface, edge for each node
 Nt_next_node_ele_4_nodeNeighbouring node and element list for each node This routine is substitution of the following module
(module m_element_id_4_node)
 Nt_phys_addressStructure of field addresses These integer points adresses of fields
 Nt_phys_dataStructure of field data
 Nt_psf_geometry_listStructure for cross sectioning data
 Nt_psf_patch_dataStructure for parallel sectioned data
 Nt_read_control_arraysSubroutines to read control arrays
 Nt_read_sph_spectraTime average spherical harmonics spectrum data
 Nt_sph_fftpack5Fourier transform using FFTPACK5
 Nt_sph_spectr_dataFlag and parameters for spherical transform dnyamo model
 Nt_sph_trans_comm_tblStructure for communication table for spherical transform
 Nt_spheric_meshStructure for grid and comm table for spherical transform
 Nt_spheric_parameterStructure for indexing table of speherical harmonics transform
 Nt_sum_hashHash table using sum of local node ID
 Nt_surface_boundaryStructure for boundary condition on surface
 Nt_surface_dataStructure of surface data (geometry and connectivity)
 Nt_surface_group_connectStructure of connectivity data for surface group items
 Nt_surface_group_geometryStructure of geometry data for surface group
substitution of
(module m_int_surface_data)
 Nt_ucd_dataStructure for Field data IO