Presentations from the NMCDEF 2008 workshop

Community Benchmarks for Code Verification
Discussion slides (PDF) presented by Charles Williams (RPI)
Crustal Deformation in Iceland
Presentation (PDF) by Freysteinn Sigmundsson (U. Iceland)
CUBIT: Geometry and Mesh Generation Toolkit
Presentation (PDF) given by Emanuele Casarotti (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy)
Development of Variational Data Assimilation for Active Tectonics Studies
Presentation (PDF) given by Kush Tandon and Gary Egbert (Oregon State)
Presentation (PDF) given by Walter Landry (CIG)
General Unstructured Mesh Adaptation: Its Strengths and Weaknesses
Presentation (PDF) given by M.S. Shephard (RPI)
Generating Green's Functions with PyLith
Presentation (PDF) given by Rowena Lohman (Cornell)
GeoFEST Progress
Presentation (PPT) given by Jay Parker, Gregory Lyzenga, Charles Norton, and Margaret Glasscoe (JPL/Caltech)
The Growing Wealth of Aseismic Deformation Data: What's a Modeler to Model?
Presentation (PDF) given by Evelyn Roeloffs (USGS, Vancouver WA)
Heterogeneities and complexity in earthquake dynamics
Presentation (PDF) given by Jean Paul Ampuero (Caltech)
Mesh Generation for Geological Applications
Presentation (PDF) given by Carl W. Gable (LANL)
Modeling the post-rifting deformation on the Krafla volcanic system
Presentation (PDF) given by Christopher DiCaprio and Mark Simons (Caltech)
Probabilistic seismic hazard in the San Francisco area based on physical models
Presentation (PDF) given by Fred Pollitz and David Schwartz (USGS, Menlo Park)
Presentation (PDF) given by Brad Aagaard (USGS, Menlo Park)
Rapid Regional-Scale Earthquake Simulators
Presentation (PDF) given by Keith Richards-Dinger (UC Riverside)
Report on semi-analytic code compilation effort
Presentation (PDF) given by Rowena Lohman (Cornell)
Rheologic contrast between the crust and mantle: Insights from the lab and analyses of naturally deformed rocks
Slides from presentation (PDF) given by Greg Hirth (Brown)
Shaking Up Faults: Insights from the Lab on Earthquake Triggering
Presentation (37.3MB; PDF) given by Heather Savage, UC Santa Cruz
What gives in the lower crust? Evidence from post-loading deformation and exhumed fault zones
Presentation (PDF) given by Roland B├╝rgmann (UC Berkeley) et al.
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