Registrants for the 2008 Workshop on Numerical Modeling of Crustal Deformation and Earthquake Faulting

No. registered: 57. An excel file containing all registration details is available for conveners; e-mail

Everyone listed below has registered and is expected to make their own travel arrangements. If you indicated you wish to stay in the dorm, you will receive additional information regarding lodging at a later date. Reimbursement forms will be distributed at the workshop. As in past years, we cannot guarantee complete reimbursement of all travel expenses, but hope to be able to cover airfare, lodging, and local transportation for all participants with appointments (graduate students, postdocs, faculty, or researchers) from U.S. institutions.

Brad Aagaard (USGS)
Tabrez Ali (Purdue)
Jean-Paul Ampuero (Caltech)
Luis Armendariz (CIG)
Oliver Boyd (USGS)
Roland Burgmann (Berkeley)
Emanuele Casarotti (Istituto nazionale di geofisica e vulcanologia, Italy)
Kate Huihsuan Chen (National Taiwan U)
Ikuo Cho (Geological Survey of Japan)
Michele Cooke (U Mass, Amherst)
Judicael Decriem (Nordic volcanological center, Iceland)
Christopher DiCaprio (Caltech)
Maya El Hariri (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)
Mariana Eneva (Imageair, Inc.)
Noah Fay (U of Arizona)
Yuri Fialko (UC San Diego)
Eric Flood (U of Arizona)
Gareth Funning (University of California, Riverside)
Carl Gable (Los Alamos)
Brad Hager (MIT)
Kathy Haller (USGS, Denver)
Bill Hammond (U of Nevada, Reno)
Elizabeth Hearn (U of British Columbia)
Eric Hetland (Caltech)
Greg Hirth (Brown)
Eugene Humphreys (U Oregon)
Peter James (MIT)
Ravi Kanda (Caltech)
Matthew Knepley (ANL)
Walter Landry (CIG)
Kuan-Chuan Lin (National Taiwan U)
Rowena Lohman (Cornell)
Jiangning Lu (MIT)
N'yombo Lukaya (Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles)
Greg Lyzenga (Harvey Mudd/JPL)
Dmytro Malytskyy (Carpathian Branch of Subbotin Institute of Geophysics NAS Ukraine)
Scott Marshall (Appalachian State University)
Scott Nooner (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
Francisco Ortega (Caltech)
Francesco Pacchiani (OGS)
Jay Parker (JPL)
Jill Pearse (IGPP/Scripps)
Fred Pollitz (USGS)
Ruey-Juin Rau (National Cheng Kung U, Taiwan)
Keith Richards-Dinger (UC Riverside)
Adam Ringler (U New Mexico)
Evelyn Roeloffs (USGS)
Heather Savage (UC Santa Cruz)
Guangfu Shao (UC Santa Barbara)
Mark Shepard (RPI)
Freysteinn Sigmundsson (Nordic Volcanological Center, U Iceland)
Yoshiyuki Tanaka (University of Tokyo)
Kush Tandon (Fugro-Jason)
Chia-Han Tseng (National Taiwan U)
Ali Vaghri (U British Columbia)
Meng "Matt" Wei (UC San Diego)
Charles Williams (RPI)

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