Posters presented at the NMCDEF 2008 workshop

A Bayesian Approach for Inter-plate Coupling Models in Subduction Zones
Poster (PDF; 8.8 MB) by Francisco Ortega and Mark Simons (Caltech)
Crustal deformation and block kinematics of Taiwan
Poster (PDF; 7.2 MB) by Ruey-Juin Rau (National Cheng Kung U, Taiwan), Kuo-En Ching (National Cheng Kung U, Taiwan), Jian-Cheng Lee (Academia Sinica, Taiwan), and Jyr-Ching Hu (National Taiwan U, Taiwan)
Do repeating earthquakes at Parkfield talk to each other?
Poster (PDF; 1.5 MB) by Kate Huihsuan Chen, Roland B├╝rgmann, Robert M. Nadeau (UC Berkeley)
Interseismic Deformation Associated with 3D Faults in the Greater Los Angeles Region, CA
Poster (PDF; 11 MB) by Scott T. Marshall (U. Massachusetts), Michele L. Cooke (U. Massachusetts), and Susan E. Owen (JPL)
Rupture process of the 2008 Mw 8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake
Poster (PDF; 1.6 MB) by Guangfu Shao and Chen Ji (UC Santa Barbara), Zhong Lu (EROS Ctr of Cascades Volcano Observatory), Ken Hudnut (USGS, Pasadena), and Jing Liu-Zeng (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Simple Elastic Dislocation Models for Interseismic Deformation in Subduction Zones
Poster (PDF; 1.5 MB) by Ravi V.S. Kanda and Mark Simons (Caltech)
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