2015 CIG Strategic Plan

Jul 10th - All Day

CIG's 2014-2015 Strategic Plan and Annual Report is now available. The report reviews CIG's accomplishments and activities of the past year as well as priorities for the upcoming year.

The Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG) is a Geoinformatics project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support and promote development, dissemination, and use of high-quality software for modeling geodynamical and seismological processes.  Each year, CIG undertakes a strategic planning process, in which CIG’s staff, governing committees, and working groups assess CIG’s status, progress, and impact; develop goals for the coming year and beyond, and outline the strategy and work plans for allocating resources to achieve these goals. 

 Our plans for the coming year include continued development of codes across the scientific domains represented by geodynamics, including release of new codes and new versions of established codes. CIG working groups plan to establish new, and continue working on, community benchmarks in geodynamo and mantle convection, define scientific goals and capabilities in long-term tectonics, and support donations of codes for normal modes and workflows for seismology, magma dynamics and multiphysics, ice sheet modeling, and other topics as code-donation requests arise through the year through our established approval process. We are co-hosting the biannual EGU workshop on mantle-lithosphere dynamics and the ACES workshop on earthquake simulation, supporting participation by U.S. early career scientists in these meetings.  We will run an online tutorial on PyLith, contribute to tutorials at CIDER, and plan to continue community activities and development (especially for early-career scientists) through workshops, meetings, tutorials and webinars. We continue to develop partnerships with national computing facilities, other partner organizations, and EarthCube. These include managing and renewing CIG’s allocation on XSEDE, collaborating with DOE’s INCITE program on dynamo models, and working with library and information scientists on the SAGA project to improve mechanisms for software citation.

CIG personnel are working on several publications related to or resulting from CIG’s infrastructure: the geodynamo benchmark paper, a broader distribution of the software best practices document, and a report on the SAGA project.   

Strategic Plan [pdf]

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