CIG '16 Agenda

Monday, June 20

7:15                    Escorted Walk to Conference Center. Meet at Regan Main (courtyard)

8:00                     Welcome

Louise Kellogg, Director CIG & Bruce Buffett, Chair Executive Committee

8:30                     Fluxes and Transport

Mantle Mixing  [pdf]
   Peter van Keken, DTM Carnegie 
Surface evolution coupled to deep mantle flow  [pdf]
   Mike Gurnis, Caltech  
Earth's deep Sulfur Cycle - Ingassing by Subduction and Outgassing by Partial Melting 
   Rajdeep Dasgupta, Rice University

10:00  Break
10:30                  Panel 1: Software in the Wild - Initiatives in CIG III

Moderator: Louise Kellogg, UC Davis
Discussion Panelist: Brad Aagaard, USGS; Tim Ahern, IRIS

Noon   Lunch
1pm                    Help Session: VM Install
1:30                    Panel 2: How Do I Know That My Software is Doing What I Think It’s Doing?

Moderator: Catherine Cooper, Washington State University
Panelist: Bruce Buffett, UC Berkeley; Margarete Jadamec, University of Houston; Louis Moresi, University of Melbourne; Cedric Thieulot, Utrecht University; Charles Williams, GNS Science  [pdf

3:00                   Lighting Talks 

3:15    Break
3:30                   Poster Session       ll
5:30-7:30           Reception  Moss Patio, Alumni Center
End Day 1

Tuesday, June 21

9:30                    Geodynamics Beyond the Geodynamics Community    

Outreach projects: An instructables, of course  [pdf] mp4: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
   Jon Aurnou, University of California, Los Angeles

10:00                  Applications and Implications of Geodynamics

Geodynamic models of flat-slab subduction: Application to the Laramide Orogeny  [pdf]
  Claire Currie, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Improving earthquake and tsunami hazard assessment using geodynamics  [pdf]
  Eric Dunham, Stanford University

Crustal geodynamics under observational caution  [pdf]  
  Cynthia Ebinger, University of Rochester

11:30  Group Picture, Lunch

1:00p                  UQ and Inverse Problems in Geophysics

Inverse Problems in Geophysics: Examples and Remarks  [pdf]
   Georg Stadler, New York University

1:30                    Panel 3: Uncertainty Quantification and Inverse Problems in Practice

Moderator: Omar Ghattas, University of Texas, Austin  [pdf]
Panelist: Wolfgang Bangerth, TAMU; Mike Gurnis, Caltech; Carl Tape, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

3:00                     Lighting Talks 

3:15    Break
3:30                     Poster Session 

5:30                     BBQ  Rock Garden, Earth and Physical Sciences Building
7:00                     Python Tutorial Conference Center
End Day 2

Wednesday, June 22

8:30                     Geodynamics Beyond the Geodynamics Community

Building animated scientific visualizations for the public  [pdf]
  Matt Blackwell and Tom Kennedy, California Academy of Sciences

9:00                     Planetary Perspectives on Geodynamics

Reconstructing Earth's Accretion
   Sarah Stewart, UC Davis
Modeling Planetary Evolution: Perspectives on 1D and 3D Dynamo Predictions  [pdf]
   Peter Driscoll, DTM Carnegie

10:00   Break
10:30                  Planetary Perspectives on Geodynamics continued

The Rayleigh Convection Code: A CIG-Supported Tool for Next-Generation Studies of the Challenging Dynamo Problem
   Nick Featherstone, Colorado University, Boulder
Anelastic rotating convection modelling with Magic and Rayleigh: Zonal Flow and Vortices on giant planets  [pdf]
   Moritz Heimpel, University of Alberta, Edmonton

11:30                  Wrap-up
Noon    Lunch
Workshop Ends

1pm                    Field Trip Departs


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