The workshop will combine formal keynotes with "unconference" breakout sessions each day.  "Unconference" breakout sessions are driven by participants. Please come with issues for discussion.

The meeting will be held in the Franciscan Ballroom both days.

Wednesday, September 18

Day 1. Enabling Future Discoveries

7:45A Continental Breakfast


  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Research Uses of Seismic Data
  • "Unconference" Brainstorming
  • Breakout 1
  • Creating Discoverable Data Sets
  • Breakout 2
  • Lightning Talks

5P Adjourn

Dinner in Albuquerque on your own.

Day 2.  Securing Legacy Seismic Data

7:45A Continental Breakfast


  • Data Preservation
  • Breakout 3: Strategies for data rescue
  • Metadata
  • Breakout 4: Metadata strawperson
  • Breakout 5: Use Cases for Discovery and Access
  • Applications in Machine Learning
  • Roadmap for Future Activities
  • Wrap-up discussion

4P  Adjourn

Day 3. Writing Committee

  • Discussion
  • Workshop Report


last updated 6 September 2019

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