Technical Requirements

Participants must bring their own laptop computer. We support systems running Linux and Mac OS X. If you use the Windows operating system, please install the Windows subsystem for Linux.

It is very important that you complete the following tasks PRIOR to the hackathon. 

1. Read the developers section of the PyLith manual.

2. Use the PyLith Installer utility to build a developer's version of PyLith using the master branch from the repository (NOTE: We will be improving the installer to make this much easier. Check back closer to the hackathon for updated instructions). See the DEVELOPER section in the INSTALL file within the PyLith Installer distribution for detailed instructions. 

3. Read through the CIG Software Development Best Practices For PyLith, we strive to meet the Target Best Practices.

4. If you are not familiar with Git, please see and are many good tutorials out there. Check out git's beginner's tutorial here.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions using the PyLith category of the CIG Forum!!!!

last updated: 9 January 2020


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