Virtual Posters

Virtual posters for this conference are designed to support asynchronous and synchronous interactions with the presenter.  All contributors will be given the opportunity to present a lighting talk during the workshop. Lighting talks will be 3-5 minutes in length depending on the total number of presentations.

We will be using figshare to share and present virtual posters. By using figshare, your work will be openly available, discoverable, and citable.  figshare supports open source licensing and provides DOIs. We recommend the CC BY 4.0 license for presentations for this conference. More about the CC BY license can be found at the creative commons website and here on figshare.

figshare supports a variety of formats. We recommend that you either upload a regular conference poster or a short (5 slide max) presentation.

A webpage for each poster will also be created. Each webpage will include the title, short description, how to cite, and the poster presentation. Conference participants will be able to post comments on your poster webpage. You will be notified by email when a comment is posted. Comments will require approval.

See an example here.

After uploading please send us the Title and a contact email for your presentation to:

Deadline to upload your poster is Monday, July 20, 2020.


1. Submit your presentation to the conference portal: 

2. Upload your presentation.

3. Complete metadata (*required). See figure (right).

  • Title*
  • Item type*: Poster or Presentation recommended
  • Authors*
  • Categories*: Geophysics and Solid Earth Sciences recommended
  • Keywords*
  • Description*
  • Fun ding
  • Reference
  • License: CC BY 4.0 recommended

4. Upload additional files (as needed).

5. Click Submit.

6. Send your contact email and presentation title to:




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