Project Descriptions

2D and 3D modeling of heat advection and diffusion during crustal magmatic emplacement

  • New Mexico Tech:
    • John Naliboff, Assistant Professor (Lead)
    • Jolante van Wijk, Professor
    • Laura Waters, Assistant Professor

Connecting the deep interior with the surface - 2D models of mantle convection with mixed thermal boundary conditions

  • Catherine Cooper, Associate Professor, Washington State University (WSU), Lead
  • Eric Mittelstaedt, Associate Professor, University of Idaho

Constraining subduction zone rheology with geophysical and geodetic observables

  • University of California, Davis:
    • Magali Billen, Professor
    • Maxwell Rudolph, Assistant Professor, Lead

Interactions between lithosphere instabilities and formation of mantle plumes in Venus

  • Associate Professor Dave Stegman, University of California, San Diego, Lead
  • Suzanne Smrekar, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena
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