2016 Fall AGU Presentations 

A mostly self-reporting list of presentations by CIG scientists at the 2016 Fall AGU meeting.

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Monday, December 12

G11A-1057Short-term response of the solid Earth to cryosphere fluctuations and the earthquake cycle in south-central Alaska. Jeanne M. Sauber, Jeffrey T. Freymueller, Shin-Chan Han, James L. Davis, and Natalia A. Ruppert.
NH14A-06. Deep ReMi Imaging - Mapping Shear-Wave Velocities to 1 km Depth and Greater Using Refraction Microtremor. John N Louie, Aasha Pancha, Dan Munger, Claire Law, Dayton Adams, Timothy Michael Mick, Satish K Pullammanappallil.
S11C-2479Earth-Atmosphere system modeling for acoustic and gravity wave propagation. Quentin Brissaud, Raphael Garcia, Roland Martin, and Dimitri Komatitsch.
S11D-250Enhanced global seismic resolution using proposed undersea cables. Nishath R. Ranasinghe, Charlotte A. Rowe, and Carene S. Larmat.
S12B-01Phase bias estimation and correction for global coda correlations: Bayesian optimization of a non-diffuse wavefield.Julien Chaput, Hsi-Hua Huang, Richard C. Aster, Fan-Chi Lin, and Victor Tsai.
S13A-2530Moment Tensor Inversion of the 1998 Aiquile Earthquake Using Long-period surface waves. Hao Wang.
S13A-2535Towards a Moment Tensor Catalog for Italian Earthquakes based on IMAGINE_IT 3D Crustal Model. Emanuele Casarotti, Federica Magnoni, Laura Scognamiglio, and Carl Tape.
S13E-01Characteristics of strong ground motion generation areas by fully dynamic earthquake cycles. Percy Galvez, Paul Somerville Jean-Paul Ampuero, Anatoly Petukhin, and Luo Yindi.
T11D-2656Three-dimensional Numerical Models of the Alaska Subduction-Transform system and the Implications for Mantle Upwelling and Anomalous Volcanism. Nicole Pham, Margarete A. Jadamec and Kirstie L. Haynie.
T13C-2734Geodynamic Models of Plume-Ridge Interaction in the Indian Ocean and its Effect on the Crustal Thickness of the Réunion Hotspot Track. Eva Bredow, Rene Gassmoeller, Julianne Dannberg, and Bernhard Steinberger.

T13C-2735Plate Motions Predicted from Global Dynamic Models and Seismic Tomography: The Problem of North American Plate Motion. Liu, S., Adam, C., and King, S. D. 

Tuesday, December 13

DI23A-2586Application of the open-source mantle convection code ASPECT to long-term tectonic simulations. John Naliboff and Sascha Brune.
DI23A-2588Studying 3D Spherical Shell Convection using ASPECT. Grant Euen and Scott D. King.

DI23A-2589. New Numerical Approaches To thermal Convection In A Compositionally Stratified Fluid. Elbridge Gerry Puckett , Donald L. Turcotte, Louise H. Kellogg, Harsha Venkata Lokavarapu, Ying He and Jonathan M. Robey 

DI23B-2607Towards full waveform simulation using SPECFEM3D for earthquakes in the Lesser Antilles subduction zone. Lidong Bie, Thomas Garth, Andreas Rietbrock, Jenny Collier, Saskia D.B. Goes, Catherine Rychert, TImothy Henstock, Nicholas Harmon, and Andre Anglade.
GP23C-1354Implementation of dynamic sub-grid scale (SGS) model for dynamo simulations in a rotating spherical shell. Hiroaki Matsui and Bruce A. Buffet.

IN23E-01. Fostering successful scientific software communities. Wolfgang Bangerth, Timo Heister, Lorraine Hwang, and Louise H. Kellogg

IN23E-02Sustaining Open Source Communities through Hackathons – An Example from the ASPECT Community.  Lorraine Hwang, Wolfgang Bangerth, Timo Heister, and Louise H. Kellogg.

IN23F-03. Whole Earth Modeling: Developing and Disseminating Scientific Software for Computational Geophysics. Louise Kellogg

MR21B-2649BurnMan: Towards a multidisciplinary toolkit for reproducible deep Earth science. Sanne Cottaar, Robert Myhill, Timo Heister, Ian Rose, Cayman T. Unterborn, Juliane Dannberg, and Robert Martin-Short.
P21B-2080Modeling of meteor impact airbursts on Earth and Mars: comparative analysis. Foivos Georgios Karakostas and Virgile Rakoto.
S21B-2712Constraining Dynamic Rupture Properties of the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha Earthquake by Integrated Inversion and Modeling Techniques. Kangchen Bai, Han Yue, Jean-Paul Ampuero, Mike Simons, and Jean-Philipe Avouac.
T22D-03Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) Method for solving time dependent convection-diffusion type temperature equation : Demonstration and Comparison with Other Methods in the Mantle Convection Code ASPECT. Ying He, E. Gerry Puckett, Magali I. Billen, and Louise H. Kellogg.
T22D-04Implementing Flexible and Scalable Particle-in-Cell Methods for Massively Parallel Computations. Rene Gassmoeller, Wolfgang Bangerth, E. Gerry Puckett, Cedric Thieulot, and Eric Heien.

T23C-2946Benchmark Results Of Active Tracer Particles In The Open Souce Code ASPECT For Modelling Convection In The Earth's Mantle. Jiannan Jiang, Aaropn P. Kaloti, Harry R. Levinson, Ngoc Nguyen, E. Gerry Puckett, and Harsha V. Lokavarapu.

T23C-2941. Flexible Implementation of Multiphysics and Discretizations in PyLith Crustal Deformation Modeling Software. Brad Aagaard, Matthew Knepley, and Charles Williams.

T23C-2950A Volume-of-Fluid Interface Tracking Method for Modelling the Advection of Compositional Fields with Sharp Boundaries in the Mantle Convection Code ASPECT. Jonathan Robey and E. Gerry Puckett.
T33E-01High-angle faults control the geometry and morphology of the Corinth Rift (Invited). Rebecca E. Bell, Guillaume Duclaux, Casey Nixon, Robert Gawthorpe, and Lisa C. McNeill.

Wednesday, December 14

DI31A-2607. Comparison of Velocity Models for South America through Seismic Wave Modeling of Ten Andean Earthquakes Recorded by the Brazilian Seismographic Network using the Spectral Element Method. Caio Ciardelli and Marcelo Assumpcao.

DI31A-2614.  New quantification of mantle structure based on tomography models and thermodynamic constraints. Adam, C., Caddick, M. J., and King, S. D. 

DI31A-2619Investigating the Indian Ocean Geoid Low. Attreyee Ghosh, Thyagarajulu Gollapalli, and Bernhard M. Steinberger.

DI34A-02What Causes the Relationship Between Large Impact Basin Rims and Volcanism on Mars. Walter Kiefer and Matthew B. Weller.

IN33C-06The Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics as a Community of Practice (Invited). Lorraine Hwang and Louise H. Kellogg.
P31A-2083What will Europa sound like? Modeling seismic background noise due to tidal cracking events. Mark P. Panning, Simon C. Stahler, Hsin-Hua Huang, Steve Vance, Sharon Kedar, Ralph D. Lorenz, and William T. Pike.
S31A-2704An Improved Method for Seismic Event Depth and Moment Tensor Determination: CTBT Related Application. Mikhail Rozhkov, Josh Stachnik, and Ben Baker.
S31C-2780Using SW4 for 3D Simulations of Earthquake Strong Ground Motions: Application to Near-Field Strong Motion, Building Response, Basin Edge Generated Waves and Earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Are. Arthur J. Rodgers, Arben Pitarka, N. Anders Petersson, Bjorn Sjogreen, David McCallen, and Mamun Miah.
S31C-2781Refined modeling of Seattle basin amplification. John E. Vidale, Erin A. Wirth, Arthur D. Frankel, Ben Baker, Mika Thompson, Jiangang Han, Marafi Nasser, and William J. Stephenson.
S31C-2786Synthetic Lg Attenuation on Moho Structure and Group Velocity on Source Depth. Hongjun Hui, Eric A. Sandoval, and Wenfei Ku.
S33B-28253D modeling of seismic waves propagation in the Israeli continental shelf: soft sediments, buried canyons and their effects. Michael Tsesarksy, Omri Volk, Shahar Shani-Kadmiel, and Zohar Gvirtzman.
S33B-2836Impact of Topography on Seismic Amplification During the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake. Saad Khan, Mark van der Meijde, Harald van der Werff, and Muhammad Shafique.

V31E-08Implications of a reservoir model for the evolution of deep carbon. Louise H Kellogg, Marie Weisfeiler, and Donald L. Turcotte.

V33C-3137A Reservoir Model for the Evolution of Deep Carbon in the Earth. Marie Weisfeiler, Louise H. Kellogg, and Donald L. Turcotte

Thursday, December 16

DI41A-26153-D Spherical Convection Modeling Applied to Mercury: Dislocation Versus Diffusion Rheology. Sarena D. Robertson and Scott D. King.
DI41A-2621An Iterative Inversion Technique to Compute Structural Martian Models for Refining Event Locations. Savas Ceylan, Amir Khan, Martin van Driel, John F. Clinton, Maren Boese, Fabian Euchner, deomenico Giardini, Raphael Garcia, Philippe H. Lognonne, Mark P. Panning, and W. Bruce Benerdt.
DI41A-2622Preparing for InSight - using the continuous seismic data flow to investigate the deep interior of Mars. Stefanie Hempel, Raphael Garcia, Renee C. Weber, Nicholas C. Schmerr, Mark P. Panning, Phillippe H. Lognonne, and Willam B. Banerdt.
DI41C-2644Evidence for a Low Velocity Zone at the Core-Mantle Boundary from PKP Precursors. Xiaolong Ma and Xinlei Sun.
ED42B-01The nature of the (visualization) game: Challenges and opportunities from computational geophysics. Louise H. Kellogg.
NH41A-1773Coupling Virtual Quake and Tsunami Squares: Rapid Tsunami Scenario Calculation for GNSS Tsunami Early Warning. John M. Wilson.

P41B-2078Coupled Tectonic and Climatic Shifts in Planetary Evolution. Adrian Lenardic, *Matthew B. Weller, and Mark Jellinek.

S41A-2748High-resolution Seismic Modeling of the Core-mantle Boundary Region Based on Hybrid Methods: Preliminary Results. Chuangxin Lin, Ping Tong, and Qinya Liu.
S43B-2860Imaging the Italian Lithosphere based on Adjoint Tomography. Federia Magnoni, Emanuele Casarotti, Dimitri Komatitsch, Daniele Melini, Alberto Michelini, Antonio Piersanti, Carl Tape, and Jeroen Tromp.

P43C-2125 The Absence of Large Craters on Ceres Is Consistent with an Early Phase of Tectonic Activity. King, S. D., M. T. Bland,R. R. Fu, A.I. Ermakov, S. Marchi, J. C. Castillo-Rogez, J. E. C. Scully, C. A. Raymond and C. T. Russell. 

S43D-02Detailed inversion of a shallow slow slip event at the Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand, using numerical Green’s functions and absolute pressure gauge data. Charles A. Williams, Laura M. Wallace, Sphar C. Webb, Yoshihiro Ito, Kimihiro Mochiszuki, Ryoto Hino, and Stuart A. Henrys.
S43E-06Numerical investigation of topographic effects in seismic wave amplification: Northern Chile Coastal Cliff as study case. Tiaren Garcia-Perez, Ana MG Ferreira, Gonzalo A. Yanez, and Jose M. Cembrano.

Friday, December 18

DI51C-04. Development of chemical zoning in models of self-consistent plume generation. Julianne Dannberg and Rene Gassmoeller.

EP54A-08Influence of dynamic topography on the evolution of the Australian landscape since the Late Jurassic. Tristan Salles, Nicolas E. Flament and Dietmar Muller.
S51A-2750Coupling Hydrodynamic and Wave Propagation Codes for Modeling of Seismic Waves recorded at the SPE Test. Carene Larmat and Esteban Rougier.

S51A-2760Modeling Elastic Wave Propagation from an Underground Chemical Explosion Using Higher Order Finite Difference Approximation: Theory, Validation and Application to SPE. Evan T. Hirakawa, Souheil M. Ezzedine, Anders Petersson, Bjorn Sjogreen, Oleg Vorobiev, Arben Pitarka, Tarabay Antoun, and William R. Walter.
S51A-2762The amplitude effects of sedimentary basins on through-passing surface waves. Lili Feng, Michael H. Ritzwoller, and Michael Pasyanos.
S54A-08Rg Wave Scattering from Collapse Craters in Yucca Flat, NV. Jesse Lafayette Bonner and Arben Pitarka.

T51G-3011Effects of Pre-existing Structures on the Seismicity of the Charlevoix Seismic Zone. Oluwaseun Idowu Fadugba, Eunseo Choi, and Christine A. Powell.

T53C-06The energetics of mixed-mode heating in convective systems: Internal heating rates, plate speeds, and implications for the Earth's thermal evolution. Matthew B. Weller and Adrian Lenardic.


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