2017 Fall AGU Presentations 

A mostly self-reporting list of presentations by CIG scientists at the 2017 Fall AGU meeting

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Monday, December 11

DI14A-06A reservoir model study of the flux of carbon from the atmosphere, to the continental crust, to the mantle, Louise H. Kellogg, Harsha V. Lokavarapu, Donald L. Turcotte and Sujoy Mukhopadhyay.

ED13F-08Where inside the world is the stuff that makes the wood things we write with and the small pretty rocks that women wear on their fingers? And where does that stuff go over time?Louise H. Kellogg.

ED13F-16. How to Make Hot, Up-Going Rock Inside Big Round Space Bodies Stay in One Place for a Long Time, Scott D. King.

T14A-02. Structure and Evolution of the Central Appalachians from the Mantle to the Surface: Results from the MAGIC Project (Invited), Maureen D. Long, Margaret H. Benoit, Robert L. Evans, Scott D. King, Eric Kirby, John C. Aragon, Scott R. Miller, Shangxin Liu and James Elsenbeck.

Tuesday, December 12

DI23B-02. Rheology Gradients at the Base of the Lithosphere and the Stabilization of Deep Mantle Plumes in Stagnant-Lid Planets, Scott D. King.

Wednesday, December 13

DI33A-0398. A study of the required Rayleigh number to sustain dynamo with various inner core radius, Yuki Nishida, Yuto Katoh, Hiroaki Matsui and Atsushi Kumamoto.

DI33A-0399Comparison of Large eddy dynamo simulation using dynamic sub-grid scale (SGS) model with a fully resolved direct simulation in a rotating spherical shell, Hiroaki Matsui and Bruce A. Buffett.
DI33B-0411Scaling up Planetary Dynamo Modeling to Massively Parallel Computing Systems: The Rayleigh Code at ALCF, Jonathan M. Aurnou, Nicholas A. Featherstone, Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Moritz H. Heimpel, Krista M. Soderlund, Hiroaki Matsui, Sabine Stanley, Benjamin P. Brown, Gary Glatzmaier, Peter Olson, Bruce A. Buffet, Lorraine J. Hwang and Louise H. Kellogg.
IN32B-04.Immersive Visual Data Analysis For Geoscience Using Commodity VR HardwareOliver Kreylos and Louise H. Kellogg.

Thursday, December 14

DI41B-03. Deep Subduction in a Compressible Mantle: Observations and Theory, Scott D. King. 
DI43A-0337.  Numerical Aspects of Compressible Mantle Convection, Timo Heister, Wolfgang Bangerth, Julianne Dannberg and Rene Gassmoeller.

DI43A-0339New Numerical Approaches for Modeling Thermochemical Convection in a Compositionally Stratified Fluid, Elbridge Gerry Puckett, Donald L. Turcotte, Ying He, Harsha V. Lokavarapu, Jonathan Robey and Louise H. Kellogg,
DI44A-06. The importance of grain size to mantle dynamics and seismological observations, Rene Gassmoeller, Julianne Dannberg, Zach Elton, Ulrich Faul, Pritwiraj Moulik and Robert Myhill.

IN43F-04. The Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics: An Example of Software Curation and Citation in the Geodynamics Community, Lorraine J. Hwang and Louise H. Kellogg.

MR43B-046. Strain Localization and Weakening Processes in Viscously Deforming Rocks: Numerical Modeling Based on Laboratory Torsion Experiments, Maximillian Doehmann, Sascha Brune, Livia Nardini, Erik Rybacki and Georg Dresen.
T44D-03Immersive Visualization of the Solid EarthOliver Kreylos and Louise H. Kellogg.

Friday, December 15

T51B-0468.  CO2 Degassing Estimates from Rift Length Analysis since Pangea Fragmentation: A Key Component of the Deep Carbon Cycle?, Sascha Brune, Simon Williams and Dietmar Muller.
T51C-0480. 3D numerical simulation of multiphase continental rifting, John Naliboff, Anne Glerum and Sascha Brune.
T51C-0481. Plate Speed-up and Deceleration during Continental Rifting: Insights from Global 2D Mantle Convection Models, Martina Ulrova, Sascha Brune and Simon Williams.
T51D-0502. 3D Numerical Rift Modeling with Application to the East African Rift System, Anne Glerum, Sascha Brune and John Naliboff.
T52A-033D Instantaneous Dynamics Modeling of Present-Day Aegean Subduction, Cedric Thieulot, Anne Glerum, Wim Spakman, Douwe JJ Van Hinsbergen and Casper C. Pranger.

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