2018 Fall AGU Presentations 

A mostly self-reporting list of presentations by CIG scientists at the 2018 Fall AGU meeting

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Monday, December 10

T13F-2836 Quantitative analysis of distributed normal faulting patterns in 3D thermal-mechanical simulations of continental rifting. John NaliboffSascha Brune, and Tim Hake.

Tuesday, December 11

DI22A-05Dynamics of Stagnant Slabs in the Mantle Transition Zone. Ying Zhou and Zhen Guo.

DI24B-01Adaptive Multigrid Solvers for Stokes flow in ASPECT.  Timo Heister and Thomas Clevenger. 

DI24B-14Spectral-Infinite-Element Simulation of Potential Field . Problems in Geophysics. Hom Nath GhartiLeah LangerJeroen TrompFrederik Simons, and Stefano Zampini.

P24A-07What Can Surface Observations Tell Us About Ceres’ Interior? Scott D KingMichael T BlandJulie C CastilloAnton ErmakovRoger R FuSimone MarchiCarol A RaymondJennifer E. C. ScullyHanna G Sizemore, and Christopher T Russell.

S21C-1457Reconstruction of Fault Geometry Through Hypocenter Clustering for Coulomb Stress Analysis During the L’Aquila Earthquake Swarm. Brennan BrunsvikGabriele MorraGabriele CambiottiLauro ChiaraluceRaffaele Di StefanoMaddalena Michele, and David A Yuen.

Wednesday, December 12

DI33C-2535Venusian Impacts: Starting a Mobile Lid. Grant Euen and Scott D King.

Thursday, December 13

DI43C-2149Geodynamics of Martian Volcanism and Mantle Melting: Formation of the Tharsis Rise Due to Small-Scale Convection at the Dichotomy Boundary. Josh Murphy.

IN43C-2835 A Decade+ of Open Software Practice at CIG,. Lorraine Hwang and Louise H. Kellogg.

T41H-1662Assessing the Generation of the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake in Terms of the Dynamics of a Fore-arc Sliver System. Kirstie LaFon Haynie and Margarete Ann Jadamec.

T43G-3705Towards Earthquake System Science: Constraining Basal Mantle Stress Partitioning Within the Lithosphere and Crust. Ravi V S Kanda and Anthony R Lowry

T43H-3727Modeling Lithospheric Stress of Continental United States. Zebin CaoLijun Liu, and Quan Zhou

Friday, December 14

DI51B-0571Role of Strain-Dependent Weakening Memory on the Style of Mantle Convection and Plate Boundary Stability. Lukas FuchsZel Hurewitz, and Thorsten W Becker.

DI51B-0585Explore the Density Structure of Cratonic Lithosphere Using Global Residual Topography. Yaoyi WangLijun Liu, and Jiashun Hu.

T51I-1922. Understanding subduction dynamics in the Southwest Pacific.  Diandian PengLijun Liu, and Jiashun Hu.

T54B-08Imaging the Sharpness of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary (LAB). Shuyang Sun and Ying Zhou.

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