2019 Fall AGU Presentations 

A mostly self-reporting list of presentations by CIG scientists at the 2019 Fall AGU meeting

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Monday, December 9

DI12A-07Lithosphere differentiation controls Archean tectonics and craton formation. Fabio A CapitanioOliver NebelPeter A. CawoodRoberto Ferrez Weinberg, and Priyadarshi Chowdhury.

S11E-0402Simulations of Wave Propagation Effects on Far-Field Ground Motions from the SPE-5 Underground Chemical Explosion. Michelle Elyse DunnArben PitarkaJohn N Louie, and Kenneth D Smith.

S12B-06Developing a Catalog of Slow Slip Events at the Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand. Charles A WilliamsLaura M WallaceNoel M Bartlow, and A. John Haines.

V13B-01. A link between seamount volcanism and thermochemical piles in deepest mantle (Invited). Clinton P ConradMathew DomeierKate Selway, and Björn H. Heyn.

Tuesday, December 10

DI21B-0019Origin of Circular Pn Anisotropy in the Mississippi Embayment. Arushi SaxenaChristine Ann Powell, and Eunseo Choi.

T21G-0428. Far-field Slabs Drive the North American Plate. Shangxin Liu and Scott D King.

Wednesday, December 11

DI31A-02Large and Small Scale Structures within the Marble Cake Mantle (Invited). Scott D KingShangxin Liu, and Claudia Adam.

DI31A-03Constraining dynamic topography in deep ocean basins. Nicholas Ellis and Jolante van Wijk.

DI13C-0028. Convection Dynamics of Stagnant Slabs and Their Return Flows from Seismic Imaging. Ying Zhou and Zhen Guo.

T31B-08Geodynamic Constraints on the Source of Syn-Rift Magmas in the West Antarctic Rift System. Dennis Lee Harry, and Micah Mayle.

T33F-0415. Numerical simulations of fault behavior during the transition from orthogonal to oblique extension. John NaliboffScott E K Bennett and  Michael E Oskin.
T33F-0430Finite-element modeling of syn-rift magmatism in a multi-layer Earth using ASPECT. Micah Mayle and Dennis Lee Harry.

T33G-0438. Numerical Investigation of Continental Extension in Heterogeneous Cratonic Lithosphere, Constrained by Observations From the Labrador Sea. Mohamed Gouiza and John B Naliboff.

Thursday, December 12

ED43A-03. A Space Computer Named In Sight Landed on the Red World Last Year and Here is What We Found So Far. Sabine StanleyWilliam Bruce BanerdtSuzanne E SmrekarBenjamin FernandoHeidi Fuqua HavilandAnna C HorlestonCatherine JohnsonScott D KingMartin KnapmeyerBenoit LanglaisAngela G MarusiakDavid MimounAnna MittelholzLujendra OjhaMark P PanningAna-Catalina PlesaChristopher T RussellNicholas C. SchmerrAymeric Spiga, and Renee C Weber.

T41J-0263Geodynamic modelling of subduction beneath the Pamir-Hindu Kush region. Yu YangXiao ShuangScott D King, and Zuoxun Zeng.

Friday, December 13

DI51A-0007. Detecting the Mantle Transition Zone of Mars From Seismic Reflected Waves. Quancheng HuangNicholas C SchmerrRoss MaguireCarolina R Lithgow-BertelloniDaniele Antonangeli, and Scott D King.

DI51A-0009. Effect of thermal variations in Mars' mantle on 3D seismic wave propagation. Ebru BozdagAna-Catalina PlesaSebastiano PadovanNicola TosilDaniel B PeterCaio CiardelliDoris BreuerMartin KnapmeyerTilman SpohnMelanie DrilleauEric ClevedePhilippe Henri LognonnéJeroen TrompMark WieczorekJosh MurphyScott D KingBenjamin FernandoKuangdai Leng, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer.

DI51B-0028. Can Mars Seismic Events be Successfully Modeled as Fluid Flow Induced Seismicity? Scott D KingSharon KedarMark P PanningSuzanne E Smrekar, and Matthew P Golombek.

ED53B-09Let Them Eat Cake! Using Cake to Teach About Planetary Interiors. Scott D King and Llyn Sharp.

T51C-11Efficient Wave Propagation in PyLith Using libCEED. Jed BrownJoseph Geisz, and Matthew Knepley.

T51C-16Towards robust shear band angle and width in visco-plastic rheology. Timo HeisterJohn B Naliboff, and Cedric Thieulot.

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