2019 Fall AGU Presentations 

A mostly self-reporting list of presentations by CIG scientists at the 2019 Fall AGU meeting

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Monday, December 9

C14B-07. The Role of Dynamic Topography on Glacial Inception in North America. Sophie Coulson, Jacqueline Austermann, Mark Hoggard, Fred Richards, Marisa J Borreggine, and Jerry X Mitrovica.

DI12A-07Lithosphere differentiation controls Archean tectonics and craton formation. Fabio A CapitanioOliver NebelPeter A. CawoodRoberto Ferrez Weinberg, and Priyadarshi Chowdhury.

DI13C-0028. Convection Dynamics of Stagnant Slabs and Their Return Flows from Seismic Imaging. Ying Zhou and Zhen Guo.

IN11B-17. The Open-Source EarthCube Cyberinfrastructure BALTO: Applications in Earth Science. D Sarah Stamps, James H R Gallagher, Scott D Peckham, Anne F Sheehan, Nathan Potter, Maria Stoica, Emmanuel A Njinju, Zach M Easton, David W Fulker, and Daniel R Fuka.

S11E-0402Simulations of Wave Propagation Effects on Far-Field Ground Motions from the SPE-5 Underground Chemical Explosion. Michelle Elyse DunnArben PitarkaJohn N Louie, and Kenneth D Smith.

S12B-06Developing a Catalog of Slow Slip Events at the Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand. Charles A WilliamsLaura M WallaceNoel M Bartlow, and A. John Haines.

S13D-0472. Uncovering relationships between ground shaking and coseismic landsliding during the April 25, 2015 Gorkha Earthquake through full wavefield simulations using SPECFEM3D. Audrey Dunham, Eric Kiser, Jeffrey S Kargel, Daniel H Shugar, Umesh K Haritashya, and Scott Watson.

T13C-07Spatial Distribution of Deep Earthquakes Controlled by Spatially-variable Strain-rate in Subducting Slabs. Magali I Billen.

T13D-0290. How the deformation is accommodated and distributed within active fault zones? Insights from satellite geodesy and realistic fault modeling. Mathilde Marchandon, James Hollingsworth, Mathilde Radiguet, and Kenneth W Hudnut.

T13D-0303. Numerical Simulations of Stress Variations with Depth in a Model for the San Jacinto Fault Zone. Niloufar Abolfathian, Christopher W Johnson, and Yehuda Ben-Zion.

T13D-0305. Characterizing Episodic Tremor and Slip in Cascadia. Noel M Bartlow and Charles A Williams.

T13H-0327. Characterizing seismic rupture scenarios for the Eastern Betic Shear Zone, Spain, using physics-based earthquake simulations: a preliminary approach. Paula Herrero-Barbero, Jose Antonio Alvarez Gomez, Jorge Alonso-Henar, and Jose J. Martínez-Díaz.

V11B-07. Investigation of Volcano-tectonic Interactions in the Natron Rift of the East African Rift System using Numerical Modeling. Joshua Robert Jones, D. Sarah Stamps, Brad Aagaard, and Christelle Wauthier.

V11E-0132. Magmatic compositional trends predicted by geodynamic models: The case of intraplate volcanism in the Eastern Atlantic. Antonio Manjón-Cabeza Córdoba, Maxim Ballmer, and Esteban Gazel.

V13B-01. A link between seamount volcanism and thermochemical piles in deepest mantle (Invited). Clinton P ConradMathew DomeierKate Selway, and Björn H. Heyn.

Tuesday, December 10

DI21B-0019Origin of Circular Pn Anisotropy in the Mississippi Embayment. Arushi SaxenaChristine Ann Powell, and Eunseo Choi.

DI21B-0035. Upper Mantle Dynamics and Seismic Anisotropy from Synthetic Waveforms. Wanying Wang and Thorsten W Becker.

DI21B-0036Slab-driven Asthenospheric Weakening Facilitating Tectonic Plate Motion. Margarete Ann JadamecSimin GaoJulia MacDougall, and Karen M. Fischer

DI23B-0047. Observations of PKKPab Diffraction Waves Well Beyond Cutoff Distance. Yulin Chen, Sidao Ni, and Baolong Zhang.

DI23B-0064. On shear wave velocity in the top of the Earth’s inner core. Dmitry Krasnoshchekov, Vladimir Ovtchinnikov, and Olga Usoltseva.

S21F-0568. Earthquake rupture modeling using Finite Element Method: fracturing vs. friction. Ekaterina Bolotskaya, and Bradford H Hager.

S23C-0651. Rapid Global Finite-Frequency Ambient Noise Source Inversion. Jonas Karl Hans IgelLaura Ermert, and Andreas Fichtner.

S23F-0709. Synthetic Experiments on the Importance of Anisotropy in the Construction and Interpretation of Teleseismic P- and S- wave Tomographic Models of Subduction Zones. Brandon VanderBeek and Manuele Faccenda.

S23G-0716. On the joint inversion of seismic waveforms and gravimetric anomalies – Application to the Pyrenees. Nian Wang, Roland Martin, Plazolles Bastien, Sebastien Chevrot, and Dmitry Borisov.

T21E-0338. Modeling of Mantle Flow and Dynamic Topography in the Region of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. David Quiroga, Jillian Pearse, and Claire A Currie.

T21F-0380. Adjoint Tomography of South America based on 3D Spectral-Element Seismic Wave Simulations. Caio Ciardelli, Suzan Van der Lee, Ebru Bozdag, and Marcelo Assumpcao.

T21G-0428. Far-field Slabs Drive the North American Plate. Shangxin Liu and Scott D King.

T23A-07. Assessing the geodynamics of strongly arcuate subduction zones in the eastern Caribbean subduction setting. Menno Fraters, Wim Spakman, Cedric Thieulot, and Douwe J J Van Hinsbergen.

V21B-04. The Role of Compositionally-Dependent Phase Transitions in Slab Deformation and Trench Motion (Invited). Magali I Billen.

Wednesday, December 11

DI31A-01Slabs as Agents of Mixing and Material Recycling in the Earth's Mantle (Invited). Magali I Billen.

DI31A-02Large and Small Scale Structures within the Marble Cake Mantle (Invited). Scott D KingShangxin Liu, and Claudia Adam.

DI31A-03Constraining dynamic topography in deep ocean basins. Nicholas Ellis and Jolante van Wijk.

DI32A-06. The morphology, evolution and seismic visibility of partial melt at the core-mantle boundary: Implications for ULVZs. Juliane Dannberg, Robert Myhill, Sanne Cottaar, and Rene Gassmoeller.

DI33A-07. Plume formation across scales: The influence of subducted slabs, chemical heterogeneities and a partially molten boundary layer (Invited). Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmoeller, and Philip Heron.

DI33B-0036. Slab-wedge Coupling Promotes Deep Subduction of Sediment: Geodynamic Insights to Mantle Geochemical Heterogeneity. Joe Schools, Jenna Adams, Kiran Chotalia, James Muller, Erik Weidner, Magali Billen, Louis Moresi, and Meghan Miller.

DI33C-00483D Immersive Visualization Facilitating New Paradigms and Scientific Reproducibility in Solid Earth Dynamics. Margarete Ann JadamecOliver KreylosBenjamin ChangM. Burak Yikilmaz, and Karen M. Fischer.

DI33C-0049. Capturing Dynamic Effects of Compressible Mantle Convection: New Formulations and Numerical Methods. Rene Gassmoeller, Juliane Dannberg, Wolfgang Bangerth, Timo Heister, and Robert Myhill.

DI33C-0059. Thermo-chemical plume interactions with mantle viscosity layering and phase transformations: comparisons with seismic imaging. Felipe Orellana RovirosaMark A Richards, and Barbara A Romanowicz.

DI33C-0066. Global Mantle Structure from Multi-frequency Tomography using P, PP and P-diffracted Waves. Kasra Hosseini, Karin Sigloch, Maria Tsekhmistrenko, Afsaneh Zaheri, Tarje Nissen-Meyer, and Heiner Igel.

NH33C-0924. Modeling of ionospheric plasma and mesopause airglow responses to infrasonic acoustic waves generated by strong inland earthquake. Pavel Inchin, Jonathan B Snively, Matthew D Zettergren, Yoshihiro Kaneko, Attila Komjathy, and Olga P Verkhoglyadova.

S31C-0519. GPU-Based Simulation of Earthquake Ground Motions in the San Francisco Bay Area: Path and Site Effects from Suites of Ruptures and Evaluation of the USGS 3D Model with Moderate Magnitude Earthquakes. Arthur J Rodgers, Arben Pitarka, N. Anders Petersson, Bjorn Sjogreen, and Ramesh Pankajakshan.

S31C-0522. Heterogeneous source modelling by the earthquake cycle and dynamic rupture simulations and validation of results for a vertical strike-slip fault. Anatoly Petukhin, Percy Galvez, Paul Somerville, Ken Miyakoshi, and Kojiro Irikura.

S31C-0528. Dynamic simulation on the earthquake rupture jumping from the Leech River Fault to the Southern Whidbey Island Fault, southern Vancouver Island.  Ge Li and Yajing Liu

S31D-0541. High-frequency global seismic wave modelling with realistic ocean layers and bathymetry. Benjamin Fernando, Kuangdai Leng, Maria Tsekhmistrenko, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer.

S31D-0547. Cube2sph toolkit: Efficient continental-scale seismic-wave simulations by the SPECFEM3D package. Qinya Liu, Tianshi Liu, and Kai Wang.

S31D-0548. SPECFEM3D: An Improvement of the Internal Mesher for Full-Waveform Modeling with 3D Elastic Parameters, Acoustic/Elastic Propagation, and Bathymetry/Topography. Yujiang Xie, Catherine RychertNicholas Harmon, Qinya Liu, and J Michael Kendall.

S31D-0549. A spectral element normal mode code for the generation of eigenfrequencies, dispersion curves and synthetic seismograms of 1D planets. Johannes Kemper, Federico Daniel Munch, and Martin van Driel.

S31D-0560. Azimuthal Anisotropy in the Upper Mantle based on Global Adjoint Tomography. Samuel McRae Haugland, Ridvan Orsvuran, Ebru Bozdag, and Daniel B Peter.

S31G-0500. Postseismic deformation and stress evolution following the 2019 M 7.1 and M 6.4 Ridgecrest earthquakes. Jacob Dorsett, Kaj M Johnson, Simone Puel, and Thorsten W Becker.

S33A-03. Crustal heterogeneity along the Dead Sea Transform - implications to ground motions in Northern Israel. Michael Tsesarsky, Roey Shimony, and Zohar Gvirtzman.

S34A-02. A semi-automated adjoint tomography workflow applied to New Zealand’s North Island. Bryant Chow, Yoshihiro Kaneko, Ryan Modrak, Carl Tape, and John Townend.

T31B-06. State-of-stress and stress rotations: quantifying the role of surface topography and subsurface density contrasts in magmatic rift zones (Eastern Rift, Africa). Sarah Jaye C Oliva, Cynthia J Ebinger, Eleonora Rivalta, Christelle Wauthier, Charles A Williams, and Claire A Currie.

T31B-08Geodynamic Constraints on the Source of Syn-Rift Magmas in the West Antarctic Rift System. Dennis Lee Harry and Micah Mayle.

T31H-0305. Full-waveform inversion for the lithospheric velocity structure along a dense short-period seismic array in northeastern Tibet. Xiaofeng Liang, Yi WANG, Wentao Li, Zhen Liu, and Xiaobo Tian.

T33F-0413. Sources of Melt Generation in the Malawi Rift Implemented with ASPECT and the EarthCube Cyberinfrastructure BALTO. Emmanuel A Njinju, D Sarah Stamps, James H R Gallagher, and Kodi Neumiller.

T33F-0415. Numerical simulations of fault behavior during the transition from orthogonal to oblique extension. John NaliboffScott E K Bennett and Michael E Oskin.
T33F-0430Finite-element modeling of syn-rift magmatism in a multi-layer Earth using ASPECT. Micah Mayle and Dennis Lee Harry.

T33G-0438. Numerical Investigation of Continental Extension in Heterogeneous Cratonic Lithosphere, Constrained by Observations From the Labrador Sea. Mohamed Gouiza and John B Naliboff.

Thursday, December 12

DI41C-0010. High-frequency full-wavefield assessment of ultra-low velocity zone scattering. Kuangdai Leng, Surya Pachhai, Michael Scott Thorne, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer.

ED43A-03. A Space Computer Named In Sight Landed on the Red World Last Year and Here is What We Found So Far. Sabine StanleyWilliam Bruce BanerdtSuzanne E SmrekarBenjamin FernandoHeidi Fuqua HavilandAnna C HorlestonCatherine JohnsonScott D KingMartin KnapmeyerBenoit LanglaisAngela G MarusiakDavid MimounAnna MittelholzLujendra OjhaMark P PanningAna-Catalina PlesaChristopher T RussellNicholas C. SchmerrAymeric Spiga, and Renee C Weber.

NG43A-0912. Numerical Simulation of a Laboratory Star. Fredy Ramirez, Nicholas Andrew Featherstone, and Jonathan M Aurnou.

S41E-0576. An Evaluation of SPECFEM3D for Local Infrasound Propagation Over Topography. Jordan W Bishop, David Fee, Ryan Modrak, and Carl Tape.

S43E-0705. Detection of velocity variation with a deep learning method. Yuancong Gou, Zhen Xu, and Tao Wang.

S41F-0589. Investigation of Local & Regional Site Response and Attenuation in the Central U.S. Rayan Yassminh and Eric A Sandvol.

S41F-0591. Azimuthal anisotropy of Lg attenuation: both real and synthetic data. Hongjun Hui, Eric A Sandvol and Ayoub Kaviani.

S42C-04. 3D Ground Motion Simulations of the 2019 M7.1 Ridgecrest Earthquake. Evan Hirakawa

S44A-06. 3-D Synthetic Modeling of Anisotropy Effects on SS Precursors: Implications for Flow in the Mantle Transition Zone. Quancheng Huang, Nicholas C Schmerr, and Ross Maguire.

T41J-0263Geodynamic modelling of subduction beneath the Pamir-Hindu Kush region. Yu YangXiao ShuangScott D King, and Zuoxun Zeng.

V41A-04. Full moment tensor inversion of micro-earthquake sources beneath Mount St. Helens using dense 3-component array data. Han Zhang and Brandon Schmandt.

Friday, December 13

DI51A-0003. Can Higher Mode Surface-Wave Dispersion Discriminate Between Different Mars Mantle Models? Caroline Beghein, Haotian Xu, Jessica C E Irving, Tilman Spohn, Francis Nimmo, and Attilio Rivoldini

DI51A-0007. Detecting the Mantle Transition Zone of Mars From Seismic Reflected Waves. Quancheng HuangNicholas C SchmerrRoss MaguireCarolina R Lithgow-BertelloniDaniele Antonangeli, and Scott D King.

DI51A-0009. Effect of thermal variations in Mars' mantle on 3D seismic wave propagation. Ebru BozdagAna-Catalina PlesaSebastiano PadovanNicola TosilDaniel B PeterCaio CiardelliDoris BreuerMartin KnapmeyerTilman SpohnMelanie DrilleauEric ClevedePhilippe Henri LognonnéJeroen TrompMark WieczorekJosh MurphyScott D KingBenjamin FernandoKuangdai Leng, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer.

DI51A-0012. Modelling the effects of 3D shallow scatterers and atmospheric sources on Martian seismic signals at high frequencies. Tarje Nissen-Meyer, Benjamin Fernando, Kuangdai Leng, Nicholas C Schmerr, Mark P Panning, Eleonore Stutzmann, Ludovic Margerin, Nobuaki Fuji, Renee C Weber, William Bruce Banerdt, Domenico Giardini, Philippe Henri Lognonné, and William T Pike.

DI51B-0028. Can Mars Seismic Events be Successfully Modeled as Fluid Flow Induced Seismicity? Scott D KingSharon KedarMark P PanningSuzanne E Smrekar, and Matthew P Golombek.

ED53B-09Let Them Eat Cake! Using Cake to Teach About Planetary Interiors. Scott D King and Llyn Sharp.

G53A-06Seasonal variations in crustal seismicity in the Western Branch of the East African Rift System. Liang XueChristopher W JohnsonYuning Fu, and Roland Burgmann.

G53B-0624. Coulomb Stress Changes on the Southern San Andreas Fault Induced by Water Load Variations from Salton Sea, California. Reagan Flynn, Liang Xue, Christopher W Johnson, and Yuning Fu.

P51A-06. Modeling Melt Migration in the Lithosphere and Asthenosphere of lo, with Applications to Heat Pipe Evolution and Cyclical Volcanism. Joe Schools and Laurent Montesi.

P53D-3479. Estimating ice shell thickness of icy moons from flexural and Crary waves using 3D seismic simulations. Saikiran TharimenaMark P PanningSimon C StaehlerSteve VanceChristian Boehm, and Martin van Driel.  

S51E-0449. Introducing Surface Topography Effects and the 3D Velocity Structure to Refine the Kinematic Source Inversion Models. Application to the Norcia, Mw 6.5, 30 October 2016, Central Italy Earthquake. Emanuele Casarotti, Elisa Tinti, Laura Scognamiglio, and Federica Magnoni.

S53C-0509. 3D Full-Waveform Modeling at the Equatorial Mid-Atlantic Ridge from PI-LAB Experiment. Yujiang Xie, Catherine Rychert, Nicholas Harmon, and J Michael Kendall.

T51A-08. Controls on Overriding Plate Deformation in South-central Alaska: Flat Slab versus Oceanic Plateau Subduction. Kirstie L. Haynie, and Margarete Ann Jadamec.

T51C-09. Boosting performance of geodynamic finite element native-Python code using Numba and PyPy. Sangjin Park, Soojung An, and Byung-Dal So.

T51C-11Efficient Wave Propagation in PyLith Using libCEED. Jed BrownJoseph Geisz, and Matthew Knepley.

T51C-16Towards robust shear band angle and width in visco-plastic rheology. Timo HeisterJohn B Naliboff, and Cedric Thieulot.

T51E-0306. 3D mantle upwelling beneath the South China Sea and Southeast Asia: Insights from geodynamic modeling. Zyiyuan Zhou and Juan Lin.

T51E-0327. Permian to present tectonic and geodynamic evolution of the eastern Tethys. Sabin Zahirovic, Michael Gurnis, Huilin Wang, Kara J Matthews, Dan J Bower, and Dietmar Müller.

T52C-11. Evaluating the Accuracy of Hybrid Finite-Element/Particle-In-Cell Methods for Modeling Mantle Convection and Lithosphere Dynamics. Rene Gassmoeller, Elbridge Gerry Puckett, Harsha Venkata Lokavarapu, and Wolfgang Bangerth.

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