2017-18 Webinar - Gerya

Oct 12th 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Geodynamic modeling with staggered finite differences and marker in cell: theory, teaching and examples

Teras Gerya, ETH Zurich

Numerical modeling of geodynamic processes is an essential approach in both science and industry with ever- growing demand and high efficiency/cost ratio. Current trend in geodynamic modeling is to develop universal approaches with potentially unlimited number of applications. 

One simple and flexible method is based on staggered finite differences and marker in cell techniques (SFD-MIC), which demonstrated superior performance in several branches of modern quantitative Earth sciences. It is suitable for modeling various long-term and short-term thermomechanical processes involving large 3D deformation of rheologically complex materials. Recently, potential applicability of this method to technological processes (material science) and natural processes of industrial significance (geo-hydro-mechanics, waste deposits) has also been demonstrated. 

This webinar gives a short theory of the SFD-MIC method, discuses Matlab-based teaching approach and presents modeling examples of natural and technological significance.

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