2019-20 Webinar - Schmandt

Feb 26th 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Seismic data and data products to motivate, guide, and test geodynamic models of the lithosphere and upper mantle

Brandon Schmandt, University of New Mexico

Observational seismic data and data products are among the major sources of information about structure and multi-scale deformation in the lithosphere and underlying mantle. However, the data and products come in many forms that continue to evolve and the observational perspective is inherently messy. Physical modeling frameworks take a process-based perspective that can yield one or more viable explanations for the major features identified by observational seismology. Such interactions between seismology and geodynamics have been highly fruitful over the past few decades. The purpose of this webinar is to consider relatively new observational seismology products or methods of access that might facilitate advances on outstanding questions about tectonic and magmatic processes. Crust and upper mantle (an)isotropic tomography, imaging of sharp interfaces, and earthquake catalogs will be emphasized as observational constraints. Many of the outstanding questions emphasized will be related to deformation involving fluid-solid coupling or spanning multiple rheological regimes.

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