Venue: Westin Hotel Sendai, XXXX Room

Tuesday July 25: Setting the Stage

Presentations and discussion of the current state of research in the application of GNSS Augmentation to Tsunami Early Warning. 

 09:00-10:30    Plenary Session I         
        Opening Ceremony: Welcome and brief introductions.
        Begin presentations and discussions
 10:30-10:45    Break                                   
 10:45-12:00    Plenary Session II - Presentations and discussions continues

12:00-13:00   Lunch provided                                                  

 13:00-14:30    Plenary Session III - Presentations and discussions continues  
 14:30-14:45    Break                  
 14:45-17:00    Breakout Sessions      

Breakout groups:  Models, Data, Software, Hardware, Operational Aspects

 18:00-20:00    Dinner  on your own                                                                                             

  20:00-22:00   Informal consultations and planning  

Wednesday, July 26:  Data issues

Focuses on data sharing, NGO data, data gaps, and data needs for geodetic and ionospheric observations.  Panel discussions and working groups,  allowing the identification of challenges.

Plenary sessions to provide a forum for discussion and agreement on how to proceed on GNSS Augmentation to the Tsunami  Early Warning.

  09:00-10:30    Plenary Session IV  
  10:30-10:45    Break           
  10:45-12:00    Plenary Session V                                                                                                

12:00-13:00   Lunch provided 

  13:00-14:30   Plenary Session VI              
  14:30-14:45   Break  
  14:45-17:00   Plenary Session VII      

Thursday July 27:  The Way Forward

 Discussion of next steps.


  • Plenary Discussion of Workshop report
  • Identify membership of the GNNS-TEWS Steering committee

11:45-12:00   Closing ceremony                                                                                        

12:00-13:00    Lunch Advisory Committee only         

13:00-17:00 Closed Meeting
  Advisory Committee and Operational Agencies                        

  • Future plans actions and commitments
  • Assign responsibility for tasks


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