Workshop Goals

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Building an International Community

Developing an international community of scientists in support of GNSS-TEWS could save countless lives, and would enhance many of the existing collaborations on tsunami science and awareness of these potential mega-disasters.  It fits well with the recent United Nations UNISDR 2015 Sendai Framework themes to promote solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction around the Pacific Rim and elsewhere. 

More specifically there has been broad agreement on overall themes including:

More specific goals by 2030 include substantially:

Problems to Address

The proposed workshop will focus primarily on the data constraints and how improved data accessibility flows into the models and automated workflow.

We will discuss, how do we:

and the development of cooperative activities for the evaluation of:


The primary product of the workshop will be a report to guide future activities.  The report will craft a strategy to develop a Pacific-wide activity involving APEC and non-APEC members, and will describe a plan to develop a real-time partnership for tsunami and earthquake early warning.  

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