Travel Reimbursements

Required Forms

UC Davis requires all travelers to fill out the following forms for reimbursement of travel expenses:

   You must complete this form if you:

   Please consult the instructions below and FAQs.

If you are a foreign traveler, please consult additional instructions.

General Instructions

All travel expenses are subject to NSF limits and rules. 

1. Transportation

The following expenses are reimburseable:

  You MUST use a U.S. air carrier or an air carrier with a code share with a U.S. carrier. See Foreign Travelers for more information.

2. Meals

You cannot claim reimbursement for:

You can claim reimbursement for meals on travel days.

Receipts may be scanned but not photographed. NO JPGS accepted.

3. Total Expenses

You MUST total all of your travel expenses.

If you have received a travel support offer letter, you cannot claim reimbursement for more than othe amount offered. If your total expenses are more than your offer, please write clearly on the form: TOTAL CLAIMED: $[offer amount].

4. Signature

You MUST provide an actual (wet) signature.  Digital signatures or photographed signatures are NOT accepted. A scan of your hand signed form is acceptable.

5. Receipts

You must submit receipts for the following:

6. Submitting

Travel Forms and receipts maybe submitted by:


FAX: 530.725.0951


Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics
U.C. Davis
One Shields Avenue
2119 Earth and Physical Sciences Building
Davis, California 95616
Attention: Travel Reimbursement

7. Foreign Travelers

If you are traveling from a country outside the US, please see additional instructions for Foreign Travelers.

8. Approval

A completed travel reimbursement page with expenses will be sent for your final approval.


WARNING:  Photos of any kind cannot be accepted.  We do not accept photos of forms, receipts, or signatures or digital signatures. [NO JPGS]

For other questions, please see FAQs.

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