MAG version:1.0.2 date:: 2007-05-18


MAG-1.0.2.tar.gz [2007-05-18]

Primary Developers

Uli Christensen
Max Planck Institute
Gary Glatzmaier
University of California, Santa Cruz
Peter Olson
John Hopkins University


MAG is a serial version of a rotating spherical convection/magnetoconvection/dynamo code, developed by Gary Glatzmaier and modified by Uli Christensen and Peter Olson.

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Glatzmaier, G.A.; Christensen, U.; Olson, P. (2007), MAG v1.0.2 [software], Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics, Available from:, doi: NoDOI, url:

Primary References

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Primary Developer
Uli Christensen
Primary Developer
Gary Glatzmaier
Primary Developer
Peter Olson
Primary Manual
Susan Kientz
Primary Manual
Wei Mi
Primary Manual
Peter Olson
National Science Foundation EAR-0406751
Other Acknowledgement
MAG development was funded by grants from NASA HPC and NSF Geophysics.


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