Weber - TEDx Our Solar Connection

Jul 23rd - All Day

TEDxOakLawn: Our Solar Connection

Maria Weber 

The Sun is more than that seemingly featureless, glowing orb that literally defines our days. It has a secret life hidden from our unaided eyes, often belching magnetic storms that simultaneously create beautiful aurorae while posing devastating impacts on our increasingly technological world. Stellar astrophysicist Maria Weber shows us the Sun in a new light, compares our remarkably average Sun to the plethora of stars in our galactic zoo, and explains why it is so necessary and yet so difficult to predict the Sun’s magnetic behavior. It’s the same star that captured her imagination as a child, the same one we can all see from around the globe, and truly a driving force for our continued existence. This is why it is so important for us to continue to learn more about our Sun – so that we can maintain ‘Our Solar Connection’. Astrophysicist Dr. Maria Weber viewed her first solar eclipse at the age of 9, and was hooked on the Sun ever since. Now she uses computer simulations and theory to understand how our Sun and other solar-like stars create and sustain their observed magnetism. Beyond research, her passions include teaching, science communication, and supporting the participation of women in STEM through an international organization called Soapbox Science ( Follow her scientific journey on Twitter @SolarisMaria. 

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