Dynamo awarded 83M core hours through INCITE

Nov 18th - All Day
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CIG Scientists Receive 2015 INCITE Allocation

A team of CIG scientists, led by Jon Aurnou (UCLA), has received an allocation of 83 million core hours on the ANL supercomputer Mira through the INCITE program for 2015. Nick Featherstone (CUB), developer of the CIG open source code Rayleigh, will work closely with the INCITE team at ANL to optimize the code for one of the fastest supercomputers.  The science team in conjunction with CIG's Geodynamo Working Group will direct the efforts to produce unprecedented open source datasets investigating the Earth's, Sun's and Jupiter's magnetic field.



15 INCITE Press Release Figure

Computer simulation of the Earth’s magnetic field lines (white). Vorticity along the direction of the rotational axis is shown as clockwise (red) and counterclockwise (blue) flow as looking down at the northpole. Credits: Lorraine J. Hwang and Hiroaki Matsu, UC Davis.

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