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May  2017     Volume 6 Issue 2


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Upper-mantle water stratification

Water, the most abundant volatile in Earth’s interior, preserves the young surface of our planet by catalyzing mantle convection, lubricating plate tectonics and feeding arc volcanism. Since planetary accretion, water has been exchanged between the hydrosphere and the geosphere, but its depth distribution in the mantle remains elusive. Water drastically reduces the strength of olivine and this effect can be exploited ... read full article. S. Barbot

Top. Schematic of subduction setting and water content in oceanic and continental asthenosphere, and continental lithosphere. Bottom. The probability density of olivine water content ... [more]

NEW! CIG Speaker Series 

The CIG Speakers Series seeks to promote computational modeling in geodynamics and related earth science disciplines. Speakers are drawn from a diverse pool of experts with exceptional capability to communicate the power of computation for understanding the dynamic forces that shape the surface and operate in the interior of our planet. Lectures are aimed at a broad scientific audience suitable for departmental or university colloquia series, and similar venues. [more]
Nominate Speakers by May 5.

2017 CIG-LLNL Computational Seismology Workshop
S-WHAV: Seismology Workflows for HPC from Access through Visualization

September 18-22. 2017
Livermore Open Valley Campus


Resuming Fall 2017
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May 6-17: 
ASPECT Hackathon
June 26-30: CDM Workshop
August 27-30: NetherMod
September 18-22: SWHAV


ASPECT 1.5.0
PyLith 2.2.0
Virtual Quake 3.1.0


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Upcoming Workshops

Don't miss this summer's CIG sponsored workshops:
  • 2017 Crustal Deformation Modeling Tutorial and Workshop
  • 15th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle and Lithospheric Dynamics 
  • 2017 CIG-LLNL Computational Seismology Workshop

Deadlines are fast approaching to apply for support. See for full workshop details. Workshops remain open until full.

Welcome New Members

Please welcome into the CIG family the University of Kentucky and the  University of Toronto and their member representatives Keely O'Farrell and Qinya Liu, respectively.

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