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AxiSEM is a parallel spectral-element method for 3D (an-)elastic, anisotropic and acoustic wave propagation in spherical domains. It requires axisymmetric background models and runs within a 2D computational domain, thereby reaching all desired highest observable frequencies (up to 2Hz) in global seismology. The Fortran2003 (OpenMP, MPI) code scales very well on supercomputers and is available under the GPL license. For more details see the website at

Please see our corresponding paper "AxiSEM: broadband 3-D seismic wavefields in axisymmetric media" published in Solid Earth, 5, 425-445, doi:10.5194/se-5-425-2014, 2014. Please cite this paper (and others) when using AxiSEM.

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AXISEM_v1.1.tar.gz [2014-08-27]

First bugfix release of AxiSEM.

Changes to last version:

  • Format of external (1D) models is changed and simplified
  • Power-law Q in attenuation
  • Full-field output for kernel wavefields and rdbm
  • Better checking of user input
  • Cleaning up output
  • Serial mode now functional and compiling without MPI
  • Bugfixes in NetCDF output of (kerner-related) wavefields
  • Bugfix of all nodes writing into the same file, receiver.dat
  • Bugfix in writing out 1D model files
  • Bugfix in mesh decomposition for fluid spheres
  • Fixed SOLVER/submit.csh script for arbitrary DATA directories, especially for 'single' simulations

AXISEM_v1.0.tar.gz [2013-12-20]

The first release of AxiSEM v1.0.

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User Manual

The AxiSEM user manual is available online.

Community Wiki

Visit the AxiSEM Wiki page for additional support with building, using, or modifying AxiSEM.

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User-submitted research publications.

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Browse the CIG Seismology Mailing List Archive to find known issues or to troubleshoot common problems, or E-mail the CIG Seismology Mailing List with details of your problem or suggestion.

Developer Resources

Development Version

If you are interested in getting the development version of this code from the CIG repository, use the following git command:

git clone --recursive

You can also browse the history of modifications in the Git repository.

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Browse and/or submit new issues at our Github Issues Tracker.

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Auto-generated Doxygen documentation is available for the Development and Release codebases.

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map showing location of all users who downloaded AxiSEM in the last year (image updated daily)
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