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BurnMan is an open source mineral physics toolbox written in Python to determine seismic velocities for the lower mantle. BurnMan calculates the isotropic thermoelastic moduli by solving the equations-of-state for a mixture of minerals defined by the user. The user may select from a list of minerals applicable to the lower mantle included or easily define one of their own.


  • extensive mineral database
  • form composites of arbitrary combination of minerals
  • easy plotting and comparison of seismic profiles using matplotlib
  • many examples highlighting different features of BurnMan
  • different thermoelastic models, choice between second or third order accuracy
  • different averaging schemes
  • different geotherms
  • extensible: all parts can be replaced by user-written modules if desired

Current Release

Source Packages [2016-04-24]

  • major documentation overhaul
  • new tutorials
  • huge performance improvements by caching property values
  • python 3 compatibility
  • gibbs free energy computation
  • new SolidSolution class
  • added ideal, symmetric, asymmetric and subregular solution model formulations
  • computation of chemical potentials
  • updated ipython notebooks
  • new seismic models
  • added EoS fitting functions
  • using jit compilation if available
  • additional equations of state: Vinet, BM4, ...
  • a large number of new minerals in the databases
  • much better test coverage

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burnman-0.7.tar.gz [2014-06-24]

BurnMan release v0.7.

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