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Calypso is a set of codes for MHD dynamo simulation in a rotating spherical shell using spherical harmonics expansion methods.

In Version 1.1, a number of bug fixes and additional comments for Doxygen are completed. The following features are implemented:

New ordering is used for spherical harmonics data to reduce communication time. The old version of spectrum indexing data, which is generated by gen_sph_grids in Ver. 1.0 is also supported in Ver. 1.1.

Evaluation of Coriolis term is updated. Now, Adams-Gaunt integrals are evaluated in the initialization process in the simulation program sph_mhd, so the data file for Adams-Gaunt integrals which is made by gen_sph_grids is not required.

Add a program sph_add_initial_field to modify existed initial field data. This program is used to modify or add new fields in spectrum data.

Heat and composition source terms are implemented. These source terms are fixed with time, and defined as spectrum data. The source terms are defined by using initial field generation program sph_initial_field or sph_add_initial_field.

The boundary conditions for temperature and composition can be defined by using spherical harmonics coefficients. (i.e. inhomogeneous boundary conditions can be applied.) These boundary conditions are defined by using single external data file.

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The Calypso user manual is available online.

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