Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter notebook sandboxes run on CIG servers and need no software installed. However, no work is saved once you exit the environment.  

Notebooks are contributed by the community and provide demos and tutorials. Access a notebook's repository to download to your desktop. In most cases, you will need to install:

Notebooks may not be compatible with future releases. Contact the developer to submit your patches to the repo.

To contribute notebooks or report server bugs, please contact us at:

For support for individual notebooks please email the relevant mailing lists.



Introduction to running ASPECT in a Jupyter notebook [repo]. LJ Hwang
Takes a new user through the Nusselt-Rayleigh number exercise.

Benchmark - Onset of Convection [repo]. M. Rudolph
Numerically reproduce the results of a linear stability analysis for the onset of convection.
mailing list:

Compute seismic velocities - beginner [repo]. Burnman Team
Starting point for absolute beginners.

Compute seismic velocities - advanced [repo]. Burnman Team
Changing the geotherm and composition, and how to compare to the seismic model with depth instead of pressures.
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SeismoLive [link]. L Krischer et al.
Launch a container and access Jupyter notebook tutorials on multiple topics in seismology.

Tutorial - 2017 CIG-LLNL Computational Seismology Workshop [repo] L Krischer
A series of 8 notebooks developed for this workshop.

IRIS Short Course August 2015. [sandbox] L. Krischer
A very short introduction to Obspy developed for the IRIS-EarthScope Short Course.

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