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Pythia refers to the Pyre framework and a collection of packages that interact with it, such as an interface to the ACIS solid modelling package.

Version fixes when validation occurs so help and version info can be output. With validation taking place via the intended mechanism, validation errors are now output in a more user-friendly format.

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pythia- [2016-06-30]

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pythia- [2013-09-26]

pythia- [2012-10-09]

CIG edition: pure Python, with minor enhancements.

pythia- [2012-04-02]

pythia- [2011-12-16]

pythia- [2011-06-03]

pythia- [2009-06-01]

pythia- [2009-06-01]

pythia- [2008-09-02]

pythia-0.8.tar.gz [2006-10-23]

User Resources

Community Wiki

Visit the Pythia Wiki page for additional support with building, using, or modifying Pythia.

Pythia Publications List

User-submitted research publications.

Mailing List

Browse the CIG Computational Science Mailing List Archive to find known issues or to troubleshoot common problems, or E-mail the CIG Computational Science Mailing List with details of your problem or suggestion.

Developer Resources

Development Version

If you are interested in getting the development version of this code from the CIG repository, use the following git command:

git clone --recursive

You can also browse the history of modifications in the Git repository.

Issue/Bug Tracker on Github

Browse and/or submit new issues at our Github Issues Tracker.

Doxygen Documentation

Auto-generated Doxygen documentation is available for the Development and Release codebases.

Pythia Users Map

Shows location of all users who downloaded Pythia in the past year (image updated daily.)

map showing location of all users who downloaded Pythia in the last year (image updated daily)
This image was generated using GMT: The Generic Mapping Tools which is released under the GNU LGPL3+. Location data is based on MaxMind's GeoLite database which is released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0.
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