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A library for specifying spatial variation of parameters for boundary conditions, material properties, etc. Includes support for geographic projectsion via Proj4 and nondimensionalization. Used in PyLith.

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spatialdata-1.9.10.tgz [2017-09-06]

Improved error messages when reading SimpleDB and SimpleGridDB files. Provide information about the number of points read and instructions on how to fix common problems.

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spatialdata-1.9.8.tgz [2017-03-31]

Added temperature scale to Nondimensional. Changed query values for gravity field (GravityField) from x, y, z to gravity_field_x, gravity_field_y, gravity_field_z. This makes it easier to use gravity within applications with other fields.

spatialdata-1.9.5.tgz [2015-02-19]

Added check for no data when validating UniformDB.

spatialdata-1.9.4.tgz [2014-08-20]

Updates to files for compatibility with automake v1.14.1. Also changed libsrc layout to eliminate need to export header files.

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