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Meeting - 2022 March 17


i. Introductions

A. Review purpose of the Working Group and establish goals

The goal of the Seismic Cycle Working Group is to organize the community in developing open source computational models to better understand the dynamics of earthquake sequences and aseismic slip.

Name and icon for Group

  • Is SC WG the right name?
  • Need suggestion for icon/logo

B. Activities to reach goal and time frame (Work Plan)

  1. 2022: Establish a SC Working Group Chair and Co-Chair.
  2. 2022: CIG public SC workshop and Whitepaper for a two-year strategic plan.
  3. 2023: Establish a development and advisory team.
    • Workshop 2
    • Create development plan
  4. 2023-25: Implementation and regular developer meetings.
  5. 2025: CIG public SC workshop.

C. Regular Meeting Time
NEXT MEETING: time, Workshop discussion

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