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Science Steering Committee Needs Input for Strategic Plan

The CIG Science Steering Committee (SSC) will meet in May to develop a new 5-year strategic plan and map out CIG's activities for the coming year and beyond. The SSC seeks input from the community and urges you to contact its committee members and express your views as to what CIG's short-term and long-term goals should be in the various geodynamics subdisciplines.

Magma Migration Development Initiated

CIG recently approved a proposal to develop a CIG Magma Dynamics Demonstration Suite as a partnership between VPAC and the Magma Dynamics working group. The MDWG is currently comprised of Marc Spiegelman, Ritske Huismans, Garrett Ito, Richard Katz, Boris Kaus, Laurent Montesi and Ben Phillips, but is always looking for new members who are interested in helping develop advanced software for coupled fluid-solid flow. The purpose of the proposal is to develop a benchmark suite of magma-dynamics problems culminating in 3D models of mid-ocean ridges with consistent coupled fluid and solid flow that leverages many of the existing components of CIG. A more thorough discussion of the magma-dynamics equations and a systematic set of benchmark problems are available at An Introduction and Tutorial on the "McKenzie Equations" for magma migration.

The first stage of this project will be to evaluate currently available solid flow solvers (e.g., Gale, Citcom) for use in magma dynamics problems (the critical technical issue will be the accuracy of dynamic pressure fields). An initial 3D spectral benchmark for 2D and 3D pressure and solid velocity for simple ridge geometries (SpecRidge) is available in the CIG software repository in the magma section (e.g., For additional information, contact Marc Spiegelman or post to the CIG-Magma mailing list.

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CIG Administration, contracts, travel, etc.: Ariel Shoresh, (626) 395-1699, 

Equation solvers (PETSc) and PyLith development: Matt Knepley, 

GALE and Magma development: Walter Landry, (626) 395-4621, 

Benchmarking, CIGMA, and visualization: Luis Armendariz, (626) 395-1695, 

Build procedure and computational seismology: Leif Strand, (626) 395-1697, 

Citcom and Mantle convection benchmarks: Eh Tan, (626) 395-1693, 

Website and user manuals: Sue Kientz, (626) 395-1694, 

Geodynamo, SVN software repository, and systems administration: Wei Mi, (626) 395-1692, 

Software architecture and Pyre framework: Michael Aivazis, (626) 395-1696, 

Administration: Mike Gurnis, (626) 395-1698, 

Science Steering Committee: contact Chairman Peter Olson (Johns Hopkins), 

Executive Committee: contact Chairman Mark Richards (Berkeley),