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November  2016     Volume 5 Issue 4


Research Highlight     

ASPECT: Application to Problems in Long-Term Tectonics

While ASPECT was specifically designed to solve large-scale convection problems in the Earth’s mantle, the flexibility of its design permits examining solid Earth processes across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales.  Given this flexibility, a number of groups have begun applying ASPECT to long-term tectonic processes, such as subduction and continental extension, which require modeling both viscous and brittle behavior ... read full article. J. Naliboff 

Thermo-mechanical simulation showing deformation patterns arising from 10 Myr of continental extension ... [more]

2016 Elections

Elections are now open for 2 seats on the Executive Committee and 2 on the Science Steering Committee.  EC candidates Claire Currie, Susan Ellis, Garett Ito and/or Frederik Simons will join returning members Magali Billen, Omar Ghattas, and Louis Moresi. SSC candidates Brad Aagaard, Yuri Fialko, David Ham and/or John Rudge will join returning members Jed Brown, Katie Cooper, Boris Kaus, David May, Sabine Stanley, and Carl Tape.  Review the candidate's statements and contact your member representative to vote. Elections close on November 30, 2016.

Stop by the Annual Business Meeting Monday, December 12 @ 6pm and pick-up your free CIG software poster.


November 10 - Rene Gassmoeller
January 12- Louise Kellogg
February 9 -Ian Rose
March 9 - Hom Nath Gharti
April 13 - Brad Aagaard
May 11 - Julianne Dannberg
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Dec 12: CIG Business Meeting
Dec 12-16: AGU
June 26-30: 
CDM Workshop


PyLith 2.1.4


Stampede: 679,444 / 1,040,676.99 SUs
Ranch: 1,718/7,000 GB
Maverick: 13,978 / 15,000.0 SUs




Many thanks to outgoing EC members Bruce Buffet and David Bercovici, and SSC members Brad Aagaard and Tim Ahern and to our nominating committee Laurent Montesi, Clint Conrad, and Matt Knepley for their contributions to the community. New EC and SSC members will be announced at the CIG Business Meeting during 2016 AGU Fall Meeting.

Annual Business Meeting

CIG will hold its Annual Business Meeting on Monday, December 12 at the 
Intercontinental San Francisco. The Intercontinental is just around the corner 
from Moscone Center West. The reception begins at 6pm followed by the 
business meeting at 7pm. Light hors d’oevres will be served. Discussions will include CIG III and results from the 2016 EC and SSC elections. See our website for more information and directions. [more info]

AGU Abstracts

Looking for presentations related to CIG software?  Check our website to find presentations by your colleagues. Please check to see if your abstract is listed. Don't forget to submit your abstract for listing!

2017 Crustal Deformation Modeling Workshop

The 2017 CDM Workshop returns to Golden, Colorado June 26-30, 2017. Look for more information early next year. Don't forget to subscribe to cig-short@geodynamics to receive registration information.


As you reflect on this year's research accomplishments, please do not forget to let us know about your recent publications. Submit or simply email your DOI's to us.