[aspect-devel] Question regarding heat fluxes

Ian Rose ian.rose at berkeley.edu
Thu Nov 15 08:27:42 PST 2012

Hi all,

I have been doing some tests with aspect involving heat fluxes out of the
top and bottom boundaries, and am getting some behavior I don't

When the convection reaches steady state, the heat fluxes out of the top
and bottom should be equal and opposite, otherwise, of course, it wouldn't
be steady.  However, if I look at a simple convection model in with 2d
shells, I find that the flux out the top is considerably lower than the
flux out of the bottom at steady state.  I am attaching a prm file and a
plot of heat fluxes as demonstration.  The qualitative change at ~10 Gyr is
due to a transition from organized to chaotic convection.  The basic heat
flux story is unchanged, though.

Looking at the code for heat flux statistics, nothing seems obviously
wrong.  I should note that doing the same test for a box geometry where the
top and bottom have the same area produces the expected results.

Am I missing something about how this should work?  Any insights as to what
is going on would be appreciated.

PS All calculations are done with r1353
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