[aspect-devel] REMINDER - Webinar TODAY - Timo Heister on Aspect

Lorraine Hwang ljhwang at ucdavis.edu
Thu Nov 15 08:38:00 PST 2012

Dear Colleagues,
Don't forget this month's CIG Webinar *** TODAY *** Thursday November 15,
2012 @ 2pm PT featuring Timo Heister from TAMU.  Timo's talk, "Modern
Numerical Methods for Modeling Convection in the Earth's Mantle" builds on
the previous seminar applying the deal.II library to ASPECT to model
convection in the earth's mantle. In this webinar, Timo will step through
the many ingredients necessary for a modern simulation code: time
discretization, nonlinear methods, linear solvers, stabilization,
adaptivity, and parallelization. Finally, the effectiveness is shown in
several numerical examples.
You may connect to the meeting through the link provided below or through
the home page at  geodynamics.org.  More complete instructions can also be
found at:
Remember to test your connection before the beginning the webinar.
All webinars will be recorded for later viewing at the above url and on our
YouTube Channel, CIG Geodynamics
(http://www.youtube.com/user/cigeodynamics).  Navigate to either to view
last month's webinar by Wolfgang Bangerth, "Using Existing Libraries to
Improve and Solve Computational Problems"
Please forward to friends and colleagues.
Please join me in an Adobe Connect Meeting.
Meeting Name:  Webinar: Timo Heister
Summary: Thursday November 15, 2012
Modern Numerical Methods for Modeling Convection in the Earth's Mantle
Timo Heister, Ph.D. 
Texas A&M University
Invited By: Lorraine Hwang (ljhwang at ucdavis.edu)
When:  11/15/2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Time Zone:  (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada); Tijuana
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