[aspect-devel] periodic domains

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at math.tamu.edu
Wed Sep 11 11:25:10 PDT 2013

> I am somewhat confused about the different versions for
> make_periodicity_constraints (and I think we need to clean those up!).
> There is no version of make_periodicity_constraints that accepts a
>   std::vector<std_cxx1x::tuple< typename
> parallel::distributed::Triangulation<dim>::cell_iterator, unsigned int
> /*face index*/,
>                                        typename
> parallel::distributed::Triangulation<dim>::cell_iterator, unsigned int
> /*face index*/> >
> coming out of identify_periodic_face_pairs() right now. The closest one is
> (const FaceIterator &face_1, const typename identity< FaceIterator
>> ::type &face_2,::ConstraintMatrix &constraint_matrix, const
> ComponentMask &component_mask=ComponentMask(), const bool
> face_orientation=true, const bool face_flip=false, const bool
> face_rotation=false)
> but I don't know how to construct the bool flags (or if this is even
> possible in general, because identify_periodic_face_pairs() does not
> allow for flipping the direction for the periodic boundary to say make
> a moebius strip). This might be necessary for a half shell (not sure
> though).

Move this to the deal.II lists.

> So, I think what we need to return in the interface is something like
> std::vector of
>    std::tuple of
>      cell_iterator1, face_index1, cell_iterator2, face_index2, bool flip
> Or am I wrong?

Yes, I think that's the right interface for GeometryModel::Interface.


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