[aspect-devel] problem with ASPECT - the iterative Stokes solver did not converge

Timo Heister heister at clemson.edu
Mon Aug 4 13:24:14 PDT 2014

> 4. However, I run a test setting the global refinement in the 3D model to 5
> and the adaptive refinement to 0 and it seems nothing happened (the job is
> done after ~30 sec - there is no error message), this is a log file:
>> Number of active cells: 3145728 (on 6 levels)
>> Number of degrees of freedom: 104645770 (76088070+3195010+25362690)

I assume the job gets killed because it uses too much memory (100
million unknowns!). How many cores are you using?

> and after that I have received the following error message:
>>     ExcNumberNotFinite()

Looks like a division by zero is happening in the material model.
Maybe the temperature becomes 0 somewhere?

Timo Heister

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