[aspect-devel] Problems with periodic boundary conditions (Wolfgang Bangerth)

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at tamu.edu
Sun Dec 14 05:32:18 PST 2014


> Thanks for following up on this problem. I gave up trying to make aspect work
> using periodic boundary conditions and we're using my finite volume code for
> this project instead, but if the problem with aspect could be fixed, we might
> go back to using aspect. The problems that I encountered with aspect occurred
> regardless of whether I invoked the option to subtract the null space
> associated with net translation. The problems only occurred at high Ra. If you
> take the cookbook example with periodic boundary conditions and increase Ra to
> 10^7 (if memory serves), the error will occur.

I don't have a solution right now, but will put this on my list for January to 


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