[aspect-devel] Non-dimensional temperature question

Eric Heien emheien at ucdavis.edu
Mon Mar 24 16:50:39 PDT 2014

I have a question about how non-dimensional temperature is computed in postprocess/temperature_statistics.cc.  It seems the current non-dimensional temperature is calculated as:

T_nondim = (T_mean)/(T_max - T_min)

However, suppose T_max = 4273, T_min = 973 and T_mean = 3800 (we have a hot mantle).  Then the non-dimensional temperature would be 

T_nondim = 3800/(4273-973) = 1.15

which seems to be outside the normal non-dimensional bounds of [0,1].  Wouldn’t the correct equation be

T_nondim = (T_mean - T_min)/(T_max - T_min)

in which case T_nondim would be 0.86.  Or am I misunderstanding something?



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