[aspect-devel] ASPECT on Mac

Sylvia Rockel sylvia.rockel at fu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 1 04:57:46 PDT 2014

Dear Timo,

I've re-installed my os x now and installed aspect again, but it's still
the same.

Concerning deal.ii step-32:
It still doesn't work with mpi. I also tested to run it directly, but it's
the same error, see attached file. I really have to set the graphical
output to false and then it works fine.

Concerning aspect:
I'm currently testing all cookbooks for whether they work with mpi or not.
As far as I've come right now, only stokes works with mpi. The others,
i. e.:

- composition-active,
- convection-box
- convection-box-3d
- free-surface

all get sooner or later the same exception, but I like to run them
directly later, to determine, whether this is also the case without mpi,
since it's something concerning the residual.

So, I'll give you an update as soon as I tested everything.


> Dear Timo,
> that's what I thought. You are perfectly right, if I run aspect directly
> everything works just fine. Honestly I haven't tried it with deal, 'cause
> it
> run through if I canceled the graphical output. You may find the output of
> "which mpirun" etc. attached. As you can see, it's the one from deal. Same
> is true for mpicc, mpic++, and mpif77/mpif90.
> The only additional mpiexe are in the petsc bin, but this is turned of for
> aspect anyways. I'm slightly out of ideas right now.
> Thanks for your quick reply.
> Best,
> Sylvia
>> Dear Sylvia,
>> all these errors (and weird output) is related to your mpirun problem.
>> It looks like the mpirun isn't from the same MPI library that is used
>> to compile the code. I assume things work correctly if you run aspect
>> or step-32 directly (so "./aspect cookbooks/convection.box.prm")?
>> Can you check if there is an mpirun (or mpiexec) in one of the
>> directories installed by the deal.II bundle?
>> Can you please post the output of "which mpirun" and "ldd
>> libdeal_II.so" (the last one needs to be run in the lib/ directory of
>> the installation folder of deal.II)?
>> --
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