[aspect-devel] ASPECT/deal.II interface mismatch

Eric Heien emheien at ucdavis.edu
Thu Oct 9 13:58:16 PDT 2014

I’m trying to compile the git repository version of ASPECT with deal.II 8.1.0 and I get the following error:

/work/01766/emheien/aspect/source/simulator/core.cc(764): error: no instance of constructor "dealii::TrilinosWrappers::BlockSparsityPattern::BlockSparsityPattern" matches the argument list
            argument types are: (const std::vector<dealii::IndexSet, std::allocator<dealii::IndexSet>>, const std::vector<dealii::IndexSet, std::allocator<dealii::IndexSet>>, std::vector<dealii::IndexSet, std::allocator<dealii::IndexSet>>, MPI_Comm)
      TrilinosWrappers::BlockSparsityPattern sp (system_partitioning,
          detected during instantiation of "void aspect::Simulator<dim>::setup_system_matrix(const std::vector<dealii::IndexSet, std::allocator<dealii::IndexSet>> &) [with dim=2]" at line 966

I believe this was caused by a change in commit c8a768302669a8e36315e909a8424d21633411c8 which takes advantage of newer changes to deal.II.  If I revert to 132bc476cb5b663a18f58ddd3fa1a29c36ee7673 (one previous) everything compiles fine.  Should we be using the deal.II git repository when compiling ASPECT or should these changes only be active depending on the deal.II version?



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