[aspect-devel] ASPECT on Mac

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at tamu.edu
Sat Oct 11 05:25:49 PDT 2014

> with the new aspect.git I am now able to compile the developer version,
> but with the warnings shown in the attached file. Might this have
> something to do with the mpi-problem?

No, these warnings are definitely unrelated.

> With the developer version the mpirun goes a few steps further, but then
> it dies again with the same error as before. This also happens in debug
> mode.
> @Wolfgang:
> Which deal.II package and aspect/Xcode versions are you using on your mac?
> Perhaps the problem arises because I'm using the new release of Xcode
> (6.1) and having clang 6. If it works for you it shall work on my machine,
> too.

You misunderstood. I'm on linux, not mac. I don't know what causes the 
problems you see. I can't even guess. I think it's also not the Fortran issue 
you point out -- we don't even use Fortran inside deal.II, so it doesn't make 
a difference what deal.II sets the Fortran compiler to.

Since you have the deal.II package installed, you should also have PETSc. Can 
you try to compile ASPECT with PETSc support instead of using Trilinos? Maybe 
that gets you any further.


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