[aspect-devel] spherical models with S40RTS

Timo Heister heister at clemson.edu
Wed Apr 8 13:25:31 PDT 2015

(cc'ed to the mailing list)

> I thought maybe you might know who has been doing the modeling with S40RTS.

This was contributed by Jacky:
https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/commit/31b758 and there is no
example but at least a test case: tests/initial_condition_S20RTS.prm

I would be great to have an example in cookbooks, though!

> We can not seem to get the rotation out of the calculation even when
> setting:
> "Remove nullspace net rotation" as on page 102.   The result had smaller
> velocities than without this, but it still looks like a solid body rotation
> more than anything.

Are you willing to share the prm so we can take a look?

> Shangxin sent e-mail to the
> aspect-revel mailing list but it keeps bouncing.   Errrr.

That would be the place to ask. What is the error message? Is the
email address you are sending from subscribed?

> Also curious, if we use the vtk output, how do we plot the depth_average.vtu
> file?   I don't get anything useful with paraview but I've never tried to
> plot 2D files.  The solution-xxxxx.vtu files work fine.

The way to do it with gnuplot is described in the manual, but I think
we could write a section for this. I can just open the
depth_average.vtk in paraview and can look at the depth averages,
though. What happens if you do that?

Timo Heister

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